Playing Casino Slot Games Online in 2024 – What You Need to Know?

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The colorful and vibrant game of spinning wheels, which comes a stop to reveal certain symbols and BOOM! You have won a jackpot. Yes, this is the game of slots that we all love so much. Playing the conventional casino slot game in India may not be possible for everyone, but playing the game online certainly is and that too, with so much variety.

The offline casino slots fail to deliver the amount of variety as can be seen online because they do not have that much room. Even then, slots amount to 70% or more of the casinos, irrespective of the status of the casino. In fact, for online casinos such as Baazi247, the number could very well be greater.

Unity in Diversity

What is it about online slots that click with people and people are drawn to it like a magnet? One is certainly the diversity – not just of the themes but also of the winning patterns. The slot machines of the earlier times used to be the match 3 kinds and could only offer a few winning combinations. Now, the number of lines that can be played on any game starts at twenty.

Loads of Variety

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The online casino slots have a variety of themes to please all demographics. They have themes of famous movies, popular sports, food, festivals and so on. The wild cards appear in different avatars and the bonus games are simply the best. Every online casino has such different games that you want to play them all. The variety is not limited to themes and graphics. The game itself has lots of varieties and these will be discussed later.

Ease of Access

You need not step out of your comfortable easy chair if you feel like playing slots. You simply have to pick up your phone, open the app and start playing. It has become as easy as that. Earlier, serious slot players had to travel to Goa, Thailand or Las Vegas to enjoy a few hours of the game, but now, you can play it for as long as you want.

Joy of Playing

It is a very simple game of luck that does not require any skills of card counting, complex calculations or preventing your feelings from giving away your game. All you need to do is place a bet and spin. You can enjoy or sulk, show what you feel inside without anyone judging you. That is the joy of playing slots.

Chance of Winning Big

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The slots offer high payouts for a line bet and that is temptation enough for the players. Most players start playing in an online casino with a limited budget, which is often the free joining bonus that they receive from the casino. Growing that small amount of money into an unimaginable jackpot is the dream that they try to achieve and some do succeed, too.

The Working of Slots

Since the games are so wildly popular, you must have been curious about the mechanics that go behind a slot game. Most casino slot machines worked on the principle of electromechanics, but the current breed of games is operated through software. A random number generator decides the symbols that are displayed when the reels come to a halt.

Fair Game

Though programmed, the process of random number generation is carried out in all fairness to let the players enjoy the game without feeling cheated. To ensure this, the software is put through a test by independent agencies with expertise in this field. Regulatory authorities ensure that neither party cheats the other by tampering with the software

Playing the Game

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This can actually be considered as two different functions – one of placing the bets and the second one is for receiving the payouts. When placing the bets, players can choose how many lines he wants to play and what their bet per line is.

In most games, though, the maximum number of lines is activated by default. Once the bet is placed and the reels are spun, it is time to determine the payout. While the game can generate the results very quickly, you can cross-check the same in the payout table. Your winnings, if any, get added to your balance.

The Returns from an Online Game of Slots

Those who are experienced in the game do check the return of their expenditure in the game. These values certainly can’t be 100% as this could lead the casino to be shut down due to lack of funds. Even then, the RTP or Return to Player is fairly high at 94-96%. This indicates an average loss of INR 50 on a spend of INR 1000.

The Types of Slot Games

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  • Classic Slots

This is the classic one with three reels with the typical symbols reminiscent of a casino – the fruits, bars and the lucky 7s. These are generally devoid of bonus games.

  • Video Slots

Typically with five reels, these are based on a specific theme. The games have a lot of interesting graphics with audio and video effects and are accompanied by interesting bonus games as a value-addition for the players.

  • Progressive Slots

These are the games where the jackpot keeps growing until someone gets it. It is then reset to the minimum amount that can be won as a jackpot.

  • Branded Slots

These constitute the latest breed of slots, which are based on popular media. These are designed with the rightful owner of the content through legal agreements.

While it is fun to win big with slots, it does require digging into your savings and there is no guarantee that the money will ever come back. If you do enjoy slots but do not want to use up your savings, at least not until you are comfortable with the game, you have the choice to play online slots for free. Most reliable gaming sites would give the option for having a trial run with the games, especially in slots and other match-3 and scratch card games.