How to Pick Your Perfect-Match Slot?

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The variety of slot machines that you can find in modern online casinos make most novice gamblers feel lost and confused. As a rule, those who have no gambling experience choose games based on their design, description of the bonus game, or theme. At the same time, they cannot understand why particular slot machines regularly give out massive winnings, while others do not offer the same. The secret of a successful game is, first of all, associated with the right choice of a video slot. So, let’s dive deep into the theme so that you have an idea of what slot game is good for you.

Make the Right Choice Without Failing

If you are just planning to try your luck and relax after a hard day, then slot machines may do the business for you. To enjoy gameplay in full, choose a gaming machine whose theme matches your interests. This will help you immerse yourself in your favourite atmosphere and take the maximum out of the game.

So, what to keep your radar on? Is it a storyline of a slot on or a bonus game? Should you be guided by a theoretical payback rate or the game manufacturer? There is no single answer. It is highly recommended that you use a variety of factors to make a final decision in a few minutes. Let’s discuss key game selection criteria and their importance.

1. Game Theme

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Each slot machine is dedicated to a particular topic depicted in its storyline. You can trace the plot in every detail – from graphics and game symbols to thematic bonus rounds. A large selection of game themes allows players to choose a suitable gambling option. As a rule, slot machines available in online casinos are dedicated to:

  • Sea ​​adventures;
  • Ancient Egypt;
  • Knightly duels;
  • Superheroes;
  • Popular movies/cartoons/books.

Lovers of the classics should pay attention to one-armed bandits and fruit machines with a traditional set of symbols in the paytable (sevens, bars, stars, and bells). Sports fans will definitely enjoy playing slot machines dedicated to various significant sporting events. It can be a World Championship, horse racing, golf competition, etc. Choosing the best slot, you should, of course, check its theme, but you should also pay attention to some other criteria.

2. Range of Rates

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When looking for a slot machine game, you should keep an eye on the allowed betting range and compare it to your bankroll limits. If you have a limited bankroll and a low spending limit per day, per week, or per month, then slot machines with a high range of minimum bets will hardly work for you. On the other hand, if you have a large bankroll and want to win big, then you are free to play slot games with a high betting range.

As  rule, betting limits in most slot games are in the range between $ 0.10 and $ 50. This is an ideal option if you have a decent bankroll. However, if your bankroll is limited, search for gaming machines with a betting range starting at $0.01.

3. Progressive Jackpot

Winning a big progressive jackpot and getting rich overnight is what every gambler dreams of. If this is what you are aimed at as well, then you are good to go with progressive jackpot games. As a rule, grand prizes at progressive slots can sometimes reach a couple of millions of bucks.

4. Return to Player

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RTP (return to player) is a theoretical return of bets to the player set by its software manufacturer. In most cases, this coefficient is in the range of 92-99%, and it reflects ​​the generosity of the game. The RTP value is put into the software by the developer and cannot be changed by third parties. The return indicator remains the same during the entire operation of the slot and allows the player to know how much one will be able to win back before even the start of the game.

5. Volatility

The volatility of a slot machine is important as well. This parameter talks about the number of wins in the slot. The logic is quite simple: the higher the profit is offered by the machine – the less often the win occurs. Some people prefer to risk less and get less, while others decide to put everything at stake. It is up to you what option to choose. There is no good or bad. It is crucial to pick an option that matches your gambling strategy, bankroll level, and the risks that you are ready to take.

6. Manufacturers

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The game manufacturer should definitely be on the list of the main criteria that a player should be guided by when choosing a suitable slot machine for gameplay. It is highly recommended to give preference to well-established, popular, and trusted brands instead of going with random companies. In this case, you can roughly project what you will get.

As a result of the rapid development of the gambling industry, the number of gaming software providers has significantly increased. There are dozens of companies and brands that have established themselves as true leaders in the industry. If you are quite new to online gambling, then it is better to give your preference to those games that have been developed by the following giants of the global industry:

  • Playtech;
  • Microgaming;
  • Novomatic;
  • Betsoft;
  • NetEnt;

These companies boast a flawless reputation in the market, which is the result of many years of experience. The games of the leading providers offer top-notch quality gameplay, and their settings cannot be changed due to the use of innovative protective mechanisms during development.

Ready to Go?

Gambling can be fun, profitable, and risk-free. In order to take the maximum out of playing at an online casino, make sure that you pick the right slot machine that matches your interest, gambling strategy, and expectations. Of course, it will be difficult to choose the best game from the first try. That’s why we advise selecting a couple of slot machines, test them in a demo mode, and then switch to a more serious game.