Is It OK To Let Your Girlfriend Pick Her Engagement Ring


Are you in love? Have you decided to crown your long-term love with marriage? Wonderful news. The next step is to find an adequate engagement ring. But now you are troubled by another dilemma. Do you choose the ring yourself or let your girlfriend pick her engagement ring? So what to do?

The Eternal Dilemma Around The Engagement Ring


The most important “ingredients” of any engagement are love, cherish, loyalty, and respect – but a ring can also be an indicator that you have made an effort to choose the piece of jewelry that will best suit the person for whom it is intended. An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that is worn forever – and that is why it must fit into the overall style of the person for whom it is intended. Therefore, it is not surprising that the future grooms are often faced with a dilemma, and that is: Is it OK to let the girlfriend pick her engagement ring? Some will tell you this is completely wrong – and that the engagement ring should be a gift with a surprise factor, which will bring emotions, smiles, and pleasure. But what if your fiancée doesn’t like what you have chosen? Then, that kind of surprise will not be very pleasant for any of you two.

Buying An Engagement Ring: Alone Or With Her?

This question can be hard for many. Still, we will say that in most cases, we rely on a tradition that says that a guy should buy a girl an engagement ring on his own. However, today we live in a slightly more modern age – so the tradition is a relative thing in that sense. Moreover, recent research on this topic tells us that as many as 60 percent of couples go together to buy an engagement ring. The reason for this is quite simple. Women want to get a ring that they will like – and men want to avoid mistakes and let their girlfriends hold it against them. However, both options for buying an engagement ring have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, dear guys, face the facts! The perfect conditions for this type of purchase do not exist. But it is love that should win everything – and we are sure you will make a good choice.

What To Know If You Are Buying The Ring Yourself


True, this is how we follow the tradition, but this way has its advantages and disadvantages. OK, first, you will respect the form and tradition in the way you will surprise your future fiancée with the proposal and the engagement ring you intended for her. Still, this is a double-edged sword because you need to know your girlfriend well – and know what she likes when it comes to rings. Then, you can take a look at this website, and try to find something that resembles her taste in jewelry. You can even take a snapshot or ask her what she thinks about a particular piece. However, when we talk about the positive aspects of this way of choosing an engagement ring – we must mention romance and the surprise factor. Buying an engagement ring is truly the most romantic way to surprise your future fiancée. You will be able to give her that magical moment of life that every girl in this world dreams of.

Still, we hope that before you buy the ring, you will do a good job of researching what she wants. Therefore, make sure you find out what your future fiancée’s expectations are when it comes to the engagement ring. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if someone close to your girlfriend like her sister, best friend, etc. joins your shopping. Don’t forget that two heads are always smarter than one – so this way you will make a good choice and give your girlfriend a surprise and the ring of her dreams.

If You Buy A Ring Together

OK, this may not be so romantic – but at least you’re playing it safe. You know that your girlfriend will find what she truly loves and what will adorn her finger. To be honest, this way of shopping is a great relief for many future grooms, primarily due to stress. Namely, the stress you are exposed to when buying an engagement ring is exceptional. You are constantly tormented by doubts: What if she doesn’t like the ring? In the situation when you go shopping together – you are playing the safe card. The lack of romance and surprise factors can be compensated by a good choice of the ring – because you know that your significant other will choose what she wants. However, the disadvantage of buying an engagement ring together is most often related to breaking the budget. You know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend – but the question is how much will you be able to follow her wishes financially?

However, since most couples agree on a budget before purchasing this – you don’t have to be too scared. Unless your lady falls in love at first sight with some expensive ring. Then, simply close your eyes and give the jeweler your credit card with a smile. You already know what they say: Happy wife, happy life! And she is your soon-to-be-wife.



Engagement is an important life event for every couple. Some couples have been together for a long time and know each other very well, while some are just starting out and have a lifetime ahead of them to get to know each other even better. However, when it comes to engagement, the ring is the top priority. Choosing the ideal engagement ring is not easy – but we hope we have helped you at least a little bit. Whether you go shopping with your girlfriend or not – you need to make a good choice. And never forget about the romance! Even if your girlfriend goes shopping with you, be romantic and surprise her in some other way. For example, you can come up with a nice speech – and tell her why she is the woman of your life before you propose to her. And keep this in mind: Engagement only happens once in a lifetime, and it’s up to you to make it memorable!