How to Pick Bedroom Wall Art & Wall Decor

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A bedroom is your private place. A space where you can get rest and relax, sleep, and get yourself ready for the next day. That’s why it is critical to make this room to your liking. Most important thing is to pick the color scheme along with the decorations.

The first thing to start with is to decide on the atmosphere you want to create in a bedroom. Want it to feel calming and peaceful? Or maybe add a sensual and even bold vibe? Either way, this all can be achieved with the help of well-thought and planned interior styling.

Decoration for the bedroom plays one of the most important roles in establishing a mood, adding a personal touch of an owner. Artwork is the first thing that comes to your mind when talking about the decor. Often neglected and treated as an afterthought, the wall hanging is what you really need to style your bedroom. In this article, we’ll give you some advice on how to give your bedroom interior a second chance.

1. Set the Right Mood

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A bedroom is a place made especially for sleeping. You do not want to overwhelm the interior with extra details that keep you awake. There are several common themes people turn to while styling a bedroom.

  • Tranquility

Picking an artwork to create a serene look in the bedroom is simple. It all depends on how much light you have in a room and how you want it to stay. To create a bright and peaceful atmosphere, go with nature and landscapes, seascapes and beaches or some botanic prints. Minimalist graphic art also looks nice – smooth geometric lines and shapes would make a bedroom calmer and reduce the visual noise.

The main colors are: blue, green, white, beige, and gray. You can also see here for more interesting bedroom interior design ideas which you can use for your own home.

  • Passion and Sensation

Sensual atmosphere could be made not only with the help of colors but also by hanging some artwork. Minimalist prints with the hint of erotics can set the right mood in a bedroom. To stay classy choosing the art or be bold – it’s up to you to decide.

The main colors are: red, black, gold, white.

  • Escape-from-routine

This concept’s key is to make you feel comfortable. Let the things you love surround you. Such a room allows you to escape from everyday life worries and work stress. Often landscapes and panoramic nature scenes are picked as the main decoration. But you can go ahead and pick whatever is to your interest: watercolor world map, bright abstract painting or minimalist geometric shape prints.

The main colors are: blue, gray, and beige.

You may also consider another popular theme for the bedroom – playful. Though considered to be a slightly childish theme, it is widespread among adults. The accent is on a light feeling, cute characters and bright tones. It’s easy to pick a simple and nice decoration featuring favorite phrases or something neutral.

2. Style and Features

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Before choosing a theme for your future wall decoration, make sure you keep in mind all the elements already existing (or planned) at your place. Artwork is the same essential part of the interior as a nightstand. For your interior to look seamless and balanced, you should plan such things as a wall hanging even before picking the bed, wardrobe, or rug. Why?

There could be two possible outcomes. Depending on which one you choose, you should pick the rest of the furniture and decor. Want an artwork to be a cohesive part of the bedroom? You can choose a color that matches the walls in your room, complementing it – a subtle and classic variant. Or you may create a bold statement with the help of contrasting hues and tones – unusual and bright. The second choice requires you to keep the furniture color neutral. You do not want all the different colors to distract you and conflict between one another.

Choose an artwork that appeals to you. No matter if it is a portrait of a famous person, a reproduction, mass-market print or a one-of-a-kind canvas.

3. Color Choice

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No surprise that the color you pick for a bedroom would impact not only the whole interior look, but your mood and feel throughout the day. So, it is important to pay attention to this matter at the very beginning.

We’ve made a list of possible appropriate wall decorations, based on above mentioned themes for the bedroom. They are as follows:

  1. Soft and subtle colors of artwork will help to maintain an easy and calm sense. Perfect art for this theme is: garden scene, landscape, and forest depiction. Calming watercolor canvases would be a great choice. You may check the unique map prints designed by TexelPrintArt. Neutral yet bright, such decoration will provide visual interest.
  2. Sensual and bold red. Color of love and deep feelings. Stick to some classy drawings and prints with the splashes of red. It would spice up the bedroom adding an instant revival.
  3. Monochrome black and white color scheme is a classic variant for homeowners who value simplicity and are tired of vividness. Photography prints, architectural pictures along with minimalist outlines drawn on canvas would bring a contemporary touch at once.
  4. Bright tones may be used for both children’s and master bedrooms. Brightness would cheer you up in the morning letting you start your day positive.

4. Get the Right Size

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The perfect size for a bedroom is the bigger the better. A large-scale piece creates a wow-effect and enhances the room with color and vibe. The best place to hang it is above the bed at an eye level or on the opposite wall. You can go with the multi-panel wall art that may bring uniqueness to your interior. This could be a diptych, triptych, four or even five pieces.

Hanging different pictures, even united by the common theme and color, may not be a good idea. Artworks will keep you visually stimulated. But if you decide to go with this idea and make a gallery wall – limit the number of pieces. Make sure the composition works together as a whole. Do not hang your photos or something that makes you want to stay up late at night.

Wall decoration is able to transform your bedroom into a cozy and relaxing space. It adds interest to your private area and personalizes it. Not only do artworks add a focal point but also tie the whole interior look together.

Improve your bedroom with teeny-tiny decorative elements you adore. Let them help you to create a statement and finally make things work.