The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Product Photograph in 2024

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The first impression of your brand is one of the main key factors that get you to your clients. The value of your brand and the trustworthiness of your company, perceived by the audience or your clients, is always based upon the quality of your visuals. Which takes us to our main concern, which is the product photography of a brand. If it’s high quality and professionally handled product photography, we have 70 % of a chance to win our clients.

High-quality photography can take your company in the long run to success, especially when your company is just starting its journey in the business world. Most of the clients choose time-saving shortcuts pretty much all the time and try to collect as much information as they can in the shortest time possible.

Images play an important part in this matter as product images not only testify the quality of your work but also serve as a peek through a window into your online business. When your clients or just the potential buyer looks at the product, the main focus is to find proof of quality. If the costumers going to continue browsing on your page or not, this depends on the quality of your photos, as images create the first impression. This first glance they have might decide whether or not they are going to make a purchase.

Photography and it’s important in your business

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Product photography is a professional shoot of the products that are involved in your business. This type of photography includes all the different techniques that showcase your product in an attractive way that gets the attention of your potential buyers and thus, increases your business. That is why most of the companies hire people who are successful in their professional photography career. It is an essential part of you both offline and online advertisement, which may include brochures, catalogs, magazine ads, online ads, and company websites. Here are a few reasons why or how product photography affects your business:

Quality of the visual impacts the buyer

Around 93% of the costumers say that images and visuals play an essential part in purchasing decisions. Your product images not only give out the quality of the product but also of your whole brand. They provide direct contact with the audience and make your content and product page more retable to them.

The key element of branding

Branding is one of the basic things, in other words, it’s the center of almost every decision that a brand makes, including

  • Website updates
  • Social media posts
  • Marketing efforts

And the images of the products used are the right hand of the brand. It is the first thing that attracts the attention of the audience, allows the buyers to trust your company, and invite more potential clients. If you want your company in the long run, forming a long-term relationship with your buyers and customers should be your first goal and product photography is one of the most essential tools to achieve that.

Basic Tips for Product Photography

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However, a professional photographer isn’t something all the businesses or store owners can afford. It could cost a lot to invest in a professional photography studio, especially when you are just a beginner in the business world. But it is not that hard to do it yourself if you know the right and proper techniques, tools, and space to do it. You should keep one thing in mind that you do not always need a large budget to create a professional product portfolio. It won’t take much effort if you know your techniques, to get a compelling photo shoot.

Following is a list of products that you will be needing if you are planning to do product photography on your own:

  • A camera, along with its essentials (Lens, Lanyards, Flash)
  • A tripod
  • A Background setup
  • Bounce cards made of foam boards
  • Tape
  • A table
  • A right room

7 basic steps are usually followed if you want to do a professional product photoshoot. All these steps are discussed in details as follows:

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Step 1: Table Set-Up

Once you have all your essentials with you, it’s time to set up your work area for a photoshoot. You have to place your table as close to the window as possible. If you are closer to the window the light you will be getting will be soft, just the right amount you want. The room in which you will be shoot should not have any of the lights turned on. Direct sunlight could hit hard at your product. You need a soft light.

Step 2: Sweep Set-Up

There might be a lot of ways but the one basic way is to set up your sweep vertically. If you don’t have a wall at the back of the sweep, you might need a wooden block or bricks to set it up like that. The products are going to be in the middle of the sweep.

Step 3: Camera Set-Up

Every camera that has been manufactured to date, has different functions and different setups. Some of these cameras are fully automatic while some of them are semi-auto that means some part of it is manual. You have to set it and make adjustments accordingly.

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Along with the adjustments, the one thing that you should keep in mind is the stability of your camera, you be needing two things for it. The first one is a tripod stand and the other thing is a lanyard strap. You can easily get a customized printed lanyard strap from 4inlanyards. They provide a wide range of lanyards, straps, and many relevant products. However, you can customize it according to your need and if you have a brand you can have your logo printed on it.

Step 4: Take pictures and give a retouch

Once you have taken the pictures according to your requirements, you will now need to make adjustments in the unwanted colors and lights in your images. Uploading your images on a big screen will allow you to see the pictures and the faults. Post photoshoot software like Adobe photoshop and lightroom are some of the software that can be used for basic adjustments.


These are the basic guides for a professional photoshop of the product but there are limitations to every Do-It-Yourself. Many people can shoot great professional-looking photos just in a single light environment. If you have reached your limitations hiring a professional photographer might be better for you.