Path of Exile: Easiest Ways of Getting 6 Links


In the intricate and fiercely challenging world of Path of Exile (PoE), mastering the game is not just about skills and tactics. Your prowess in PoE trading is an equally crucial factor that shapes your journey. It’s all about leveraging the right strategies to maximize your advantages. This guide provides an all-inclusive approach to easily obtain the much-coveted 6 links.

1. Understand The Essence of 6 Links


1.1 The Significance of 6 Links

The 6 Links, a coveted feature in Path of Exile, refers to an item possessing the maximum number of sockets that can be linked together, which is six. This particular configuration grants you the extraordinary capacity to connect and utilize six disparate gems simultaneously.

The beauty of a 6-link item lies in its unparalleled versatility and power: by carefully selecting and synergizing a combination of skill gems and support gems, players can drastically amplify their abilities, or even shape their entire playstyle around the enhanced skills. It is this unique strength and adaptability conferred by 6-links that make them a crucial asset to any adventurer in Wraeclast.

1.2 Recognizing Valuable 6 Links

Not all 6 links are created equal. Rarity, item level, and socket colors are factors that can significantly impact the worth of your 6 link item. Your prowess in PoE trading will come handy here in discerning the valuable from the common.

2. The Power of PoE Currency in Getting 6 Links


2.1 Orb of Fusing – Your Key to 6 Links

Orbs of Fusing are a type of PoE currency primarily used to re-roll the links between the sockets of an item. The number of Orbs of Fusing needed to successfully create a 6 link can vary significantly, making it a game of luck and persistence.

2.2 Acquiring Orbs of Fusing

There are numerous ways to acquire Orbs of Fusing in the game – looting from monsters and chests, vendoring 6-socket items, or purchasing directly from vendors using Jeweller’s Orbs.

3. Crafting Your Own 6 Links


3.1 The Artisan’s Bench

An Artisan’s Bench provides a surefire but expensive way to get a 6 link. For a whopping 1500 Orbs of Fusing, Vorici, the master artisan, will provide you a guaranteed 6-link.

3.2 Crafting 6 Links: A Probability Game

Crafting your own 6 links using Orbs of Fusing is an endeavor fraught with uncertainty. However, with a decent stockpile of Orbs and a bit of luck, you could potentially craft a 6-link with less than the 1500 Orbs Vorici demands.

4. PoE Trading: A Reliable Route to 6 Links


4.1 Purchasing 6 Links

The Path of Exile marketplace offers another viable method of acquiring 6 links. By leveraging the power of PoE trading, players can buy 6-link items directly, bypassing the risk and randomness of crafting.

4.2 Pricing and Negotiation

Prices for 6 links vary greatly depending on their attributes. Always be sure to check current market rates, use your negotiating skills, and don’t shy away from walking out if the deal isn’t in your favor.

5. Taking Advantage of Divination Cards


5.1 What are Divination Cards?

Divination cards are a type of item that can be collected and exchanged for rewards. Several of these cards can be turned in for 6-link items or even Orbs of Fusing.

5.2 Notable Divination Cards

Cards such as ‘The Celestial Justicar’ and ‘The Dapper Prodigy’ can be turned in for 6-link items. Meanwhile, the ‘Loyalty’ card is a direct source of Orbs of Fusing.

6. The Lottery of Vaal Orbs


6.1 The Double-Edged Sword

Vaal Orbs are unique in that they can provide powerful outcomes but also come with significant risks. They can instantly create a 6 link, but they can also detrimentally modify your item.

6.2 Using Vaal Orbs Wisely

Given their unpredictability, Vaal Orbs should be used wisely. They’re most effectively utilized on cheaper items where the potential loss isn’t as severe.

7. Exploring the Labyrinth

7.1 Labyrinth Treasure

The Eternal Labyrinth, a formidable endgame instance, holds another way to obtain 6 links. Its treasure chests have a slim chance of dropping 6-link items, making it worth the exploration.

7.2 The Importance of Persistence

Remember, the probability of such a drop is low, and success often requires several runs. Your endurance and persistence can be the deciding factors here.

8. Harnessing Prophecies


8.1 The Role of Prophecies

Prophecies are missions that you can obtain from Navali. Some of these prophecies, such as the ‘Fated Connections,’ can create a 6-link.

8.2 Seizing the Opportunity

While this prophecy is rare and expensive, it’s another guaranteed method of creating a 6-link. Therefore, if you have the opportunity and resources to obtain it, don’t hesitate.

9. Aiding in Your Journey with Marketplace


9.1 The Advantage

Securing 6 links isn’t an easy task, but resources with PA marketplace provide a platform for players to purchase the required PoE currency and items.

9.2 Trading Made Easy

By making PoE trading easy and secure, it helps you bypass the grind and luck-based mechanics, ensuring you get the 6-link items you need to triumph in the game.

10. Concluding Thoughts: Adapt and Overcome


10.1 Leveraging Available Methods

This guide has explored various ways of acquiring 6 links in Path of Exile, including crafting, trading, and more. Understanding and effectively leveraging these methods will give you an upper hand in the game.

10.2 Embracing the Challenge

Path of Exile is a game of skill, strategy, and sometimes, a bit of luck. Embrace the challenge and remember, every journey in the world of Wraeclast is unique. Forge your path, make your mark.

Final Word

Always keep in mind that while the 6-links are a coveted asset, they’re not the be-all and end-all of the game. Enjoy the journey, and remember, it’s the skill of the player that truly makes the difference.

Ready to venture into the challenging yet rewarding world of Path of Exile? Start your journey today. Navigate the intricate paths, master the PoE currency, and become a force to be reckoned with in the realm of Wraeclast. Remember, a brave new world of adventure awaits you at every corner. Embrace the challenge, and let your legend begin.