The Best Pants for Every Exercise Routine – 2024 Guide

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Did quarantine get you down? Everyone knows exercise is one of the best ways to boost your mood, and many have started working a morning exercise routine into their schedules. If you’re starting an exercise that’s new to you, there can definitely be a learning curve — and that includes when it comes to the proper attire.

While some exercises require no more than the standard pair of sweats, others will need more specialized gear. If running is your new activity, for example, there may be certain types of shorts or pants you need for comfort on long runs. Read now to keep reading to find the best pants for any of your new exercise adventures.

Wear Some Jogger Pants

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Whether your morning exercise involves a fast run or some quick weight lifting, donning some joggers is never a bad choice. Striking the utmost balance between comfort and fit, these pants provide you with the relaxation and mobility you need during your workout. 

Since these joggers are available in a variety of colors, you can also pair them with your existing tank tops or t-shirts with ease. This gives you an abundance of ideas to design the ultimate athletic look. The best part? These pants double as the perfect attire to lounge around in during the rest of your day. This allows you to use your new workout threads in more than one way.

Going with joggers comes with the additional advantage of choosing between different materials and fit styles. With options such as twill and French terry, you can ensure that you are not stuck with a single fabric. You can also decide between joggers with pockets and without pockets. This adds plenty of flexibility for you to select your ideal workout outfit.

Look Into Yoga Pants

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From fitness influencers to trendy celebrities, yoga pants can be sighted on quite a few people these days. But even as they make a return to the regular fashion scene, their sole purpose of being exercise attire remains in place. 

Needless to say, these pants are a great choice if your morning workout requires a few yoga asanas. But similar to jogger pants, they also work during your runs as well as other light exercise routines. If you are comfortable wearing tight clothes during excessive movement, then choosing these pants will not prove to be a bad choice.

Yoga pants come in a wide range of colors, which makes them a good fit if you want to stand out during your Zoom workout class or regular gym session. This also makes them easy to pair with your existing tank tops, shirts, and shoes. As a result, putting together a flawless look does not ask for much from your end.

Don Some Running Tights

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The name says it all. With their overall fit and structure, these tights are a classic choice if you want to get a few miles in before your morning coffee fix. They are quite snug on your legs, which makes them a good option for faster runs. 

With that being said, running tights can be a bit uncomfortable if you don’t feel at home in tighter clothes. However, if you are running on a treadmill at home or want to flaunt your figure to the world, they might prove to be a great purchase for your morning exercise. 

As an added bonus, this is where you can delve into some distinct patterns and designs. While running tights are quite similar in their fit, they are vastly different in their style. By looking through the right vendor, you can easily choose between bright neons, bold solids, and vibrant patterns. With these options, mixing fashion with fitness becomes a walk in the park. 

Try Some Leggings

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Much like running tights, leggings have a close fit to your legs. But unlike jogger pants, they are less roomier and feel like they are clinging to your skin. This makes them quite a tricky option for those who want a smooth workout but still seek personal comfort through it.

Leggings are widely available in a variety of shades, which makes it easier to mix and match them with your existing tops. If you don’t find skin-tight clothes to be restrictive, you may end up liking these pants. This makes them quite similar to running tights.

Due to their overall fit, going with leggings also gives you the chance to show off your hard work and flaunt your figure to the world. If you are looking for a workout outfit that comes with an extra side of confidence, leggings might be the perfect choice for you. Just make sure to buy them from a credible vendor, so you can rely upon their quality and aesthetic. 

Pay Attention to the Fabric

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No matter the type of fit and style you choose for your running pants, make sure that they are made from material that wicks moisture and allows it to dissipate. Apart from ensuring your comfort against the fabric, this also serves a functional purpose for runners like you. Here’s why.

Doing cardio or running laps is a physically exerting workout that causes you to sweat through each session. If you are wearing a pure cotton fabric, this can cause the moisture to remain on your skin or absorb into the pants’ fiber. This can result in discomfort and affected performance. In colder weather, this can also alter your body temperature and trigger health issues. 

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Whether you are buying jogger pants or going with running tights, make sure that your chosen fabric has some sort of synthetic material such as polyester in it. This makes sure that your pants can wick moisture as you run, which keeps your overall performance or health from getting a hit.

With a variety of choices, the ultimate decision to choose your ideal running pants remains with you. But as mentioned above, it depends upon your personal comfort and the overall level of mobility that you seek from your workout attire.