4 Reasons Why Paint by Numbers Is So Popular

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The art of painting seemed far-fetched for amateurs until the introduction of paint by numbers. Even though some might disagree and say it is not an art; but as long as you can create your masterpiece, there is no doubt that it is an art.

Paint by numbers is a painting system where photos are made into shapes, and each shape is given a number attached to its color. Before painting, the shapes do not make sense, not until the assigned colors are painted in the shape.

Paint by numbers was first introduced in the 16th century when a great renaissance artist wanted to teach his students painting, and he assigned sections of his ceilings to each student so that they would not make mistakes. And though people prefer to think it is childish, it is also beneficial to adults.

Reasons why paint by numbers is popular

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1. Practicable by all skill levels

Children, adolescents, adults, and the aged all practice painting by numbers, making it popular among the masses. If you are interested in the art of painting, it does not matter what your skill level is; you can work with paint by numbers.

Rookies use it as a form of practice to practice brush control and other painting skills, and professionals use it to learn from other professionals’ work.

2. All-Inclusive

If you want to use paint by number, you do not have to worry about getting all other resources except the paint by numbers package. When you order and get your package, you will find canvas, brushes, paint pods, and instructions.

You do not have to get an instructor or extra resources, which makes it so popular. You can get an all-inclusive paint by numbers kit here.

3. Improves Color Combination

Many people who deal with and use color daily fine paint by numbers as a good way to understand colors and their behavior. Paint by number teaches how colors work, how they look together, perform when mixed, and how much layering is needed to bring out a shade.

Paint by numbers is an institution for learning about color, art, use of brush, coordination, and focus; little wonder it is popular.

4. It has a soothing effect

It is well known and confirmed that painting has a soothing effect on the mind and opens it to new horizons. Many have taken up the habit because of the effect it has on the mind, and others use it as a way to unwind.

In addition to its effect on the mind, paint by number is a way to pass the time and engage in other activities than looking at the screens all day long. It has been confirmed to be a healthy habit that will leave you feeling excited, energized, and accomplished. It is a way some parents use to keep their children occupied and keep them from harm’s way.

Benefits of Paint by numbers

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Paint by numbers is also so popular because of the many benefits; it is not just an activity to pass the time.

1. Helps Students Practice

Art students deal with more practical studies and reading than they spend time painting. Students who wish to keep practicing arts can do so by painting by numbers; you can practice with already made paintings by various artists.

2. Helps teach patience

Whether as a child or an adult, if you need to work slower to gather your thoughts, painting by numbers is a good way to learn tolerance and patience. Paint by numbers helps you focus more on the process than the destination. And in the process, you will learn patience.

3. Acts as a gift

If you are confused about what to give a person, you can not go wrong with a paint-by-numbers package. More so, you can upload a photo the person would love painting so that they can make a canva out of it. It is great as both a personalized or a random gift.

4. Improves memory and focus

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Paint by numbers requires continuous focus, so practicing it regularly will help you improve your focus. And the continuous focus can help the memory retain more, improving the memory also.

The painting uses a part of the memory responsible for organizational skills and problem-solving; consistent use of paint by numbers will help you develop that part of the brain.

5. It helps you release tension

If you are feeling anxious and stressed, a while of painting can help you release the tension and stress. You can get lost in the world of painting, and you forget all of your worries. Paint and enjoy the moment and relief it brings.

Paint by numbers can also be a form of exercise and meditation. It gives you a sense of self-awareness, and it exercises the wrist and hand muscles.


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Paint by numbers is not popular for no reason; it is suitable for all ages and categories. It is also useful as a gift, a good practice for learning art, and medication to improve focus, stress relief, and memory. You will know you made the right decision when you see the result of what you painted. Get one for yourself and your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What resources do I need to prepare?

You do not need to get anything ready. You will get all the materials you need in your paint for numbers package. The package comes with canvas, ready-made paints, and brushes. And the colors are mixed and prepared to suit the painting.

Is paint by numbers hard?

Since shapes are assigned to numbers, it is not hard for a beginner. However, there are some complex pictures with many small details which can make the painting more work. But, you can choose pictures and designs which do not require that much effort.

Is paint by numbers fun?

While painting, the fun depends on your intention and reaction to it. Painting by numbers is fun if you do not see it as a chore and you enjoy the process of painting rather than focus on the result.