Overwatch Heroes – 2024 Overview

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Overwatch is a very popular game that focuses on different heroes, each with unique skills and abilities. If you are a beginner or didn’t have the chance to play with all of them, we will tell you everything you need to know about each Hero. Here are all the Ow heroes and what they do.

The Heroes

Overwatch has an impressive roster of 32 unique heroes that all have their strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. These 32 heroes are split into three different groups- Tank, Damage, and Support; Tank characters have high health, Damage deal significant damage, and Support gives help to teammates and debuff enemies. Damage has the most with 17 heroes, while Tank has 8, and Support only has 7.

The Tank Characters

The Tank class has eight characters, including D.Va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, Winston, Wrecking Ball, and Zarya.

  • D. Va: D.Va uses a tough mech with powerful cannons with plenty of defensive and evasive abilities.
  • Orisa: Orisa takes the role of a more classic Tank, standing in the front lines and using shields to block enemy attacks. Orisa also serves as somewhat of a Support character to their allies, blocking damage and being able to boost ally damage output.
  • Reinhardt: Reinhardt uses a mighty hammer and sets off massive charges that protect teammates. Reinhardt has the best of every skill with moderate damage, defense, and some support as well.
  • Roadhog: Roadhog has high health and the ability to regenerate health quickly while also being an offensive hero. Roadhog uses a chain to pull enemies close to inflicting decent damage while taking their attacks.
  • Sigma: Sigma has armor that can handle damage well and utilizes gravity to attack and defend against enemies.
  • Winston: Winston uses advanced inventions that deal with decent damage and keep his HP high.
  • Wrecking Ball:Wrecking Ball uses a powerful mech with a unique rolling ability to have high agility while keeping impressive defense.
  • Zarya: Zarya is a frontline warrior that uses her barriers to take energy from enemy attacks and put them into her own, giving her impressive damage while maintaining her defense.

The Damage Characters

The Damage class boasts the highest amount of Overwatch Heroes with 17 total heroes; these heroes are:

  • Ashe: Ashe is a cowgirl who can use quick attacks to deal with damage or take the time to line up a shot to deal with super great damage.
  • Bastion: Bastion is a robot with the ability to change its configuration to fit the battlefield and deal damage in three separate ways.
  • Doomfist: Doomfist is one of the highest damage characters but requires close-range attacks to be effective.
  • Echo: Echo is similar to Bastion with its ability to adapt to battle’s current needs by changing its role.
  • Genji: Genji uses a katana to block enemy projectile attacks and can fling shurikens at opponents. Before using Genji, it’s essential to know it’s one of the most difficult Overwatch Heroes to use.
  • Hanzo: Hanzo uses a bow that requires high precision but will inflict an impressive amount of damage to enemies.
  • Junkrat: Junkrat has many weapons, including guns and gadgets, for every type of battle. Junkrat’s primary attacks are its grenade launcher and its sneaky traps, which can devastate enemies.
  • McCree: McCree uses a special revolver to deal with serious damage while also using high agility to dodge attacks.
  • Mei: Mei dishes out debuffs to enemies with her freezing abilities that slow down and damage enemies.
  • Pharah: Pharah has a unique combat armor that gives her the ability to fly into battle and launch high damage missiles.
  • Reaper: Reaper is an elusive hero with the ability to evade damage in his ghost mode and pop out of the darkness with his powerful shotguns.
  • Soldier: 76- Soldier has cutting edge technology that gives him versatility and speed on the battlefield along with an explosive rifle that devastates opponents.
  • Sombra: Sombra is somewhat of a mix between Reaper and Mei, using stealth and debuffs to get the upper hand on enemies.
  • Symmetra: Symmetra could have been put in the Tank class, and it would have made sense. Symmetra uses shields to protect herself and allies, but her high damage gadgets like sentry guns make her a Damage character.
  • Torbjorn: Torbjorn is practically a weaponized mechanic that uses his forge hammer and similar devices to repair and build turrets.
  • Tracer: Tracer can move through space, essentially teleporting; this unique ability is what makes her one of the most powerful heroes in Ow.
  • Widowmaker: Widowmaker uses powerful weapons and gadgets that give her a competitive edge in battles like her infra-sight visor, poison gas mines, and grappling hook.

The Support Characters

The Support class has 7 Overwatch Heroes, but they are the most unique and viable in all of Ow. The Support class consists of:

  • Ana: A warrior that can inflict decent damage but mainly uses her rifle to help allies and debuff enemies, giving her entire team an advantage.
  • Baptiste: Baptiste doesn’t focus much on enemies but provides excellent aid for allies, giving them health boosts and recovery.
  • Brigitte: Brigitte focuses on defense for her team, giving allies armor and health packs.
  • Lucio: Lucio uses songs to either debuff enemies or heal teammates, choosing which effect the sounds will have.
  • Mercy: Mercy can fly around the battlefield, healing enemies or even bringing them back from the dead.
  • Moira: Moira has the useful ability to heal her allies from afar, keeping her out of danger while still providing aid to her teammates.
  • Zenyatta: Zenyatta uses powerful orbs to heal allies and debuff enemies while working toward immunity’s unique ability to damage.


Whether using a Damage hero, which holds over half of all heroes in Ow, or using a rare Support character, there’s what each of them does and how they do it. While some heroes may be more viable than others, these descriptions can help you choose which abilities you would like your Overwatch Hero to have. For more information about Overwatch Heroes, Ow in general, or other games, check out boosting-ground.com for more videogame information.