How to Organize a Trip for a Student


Most young people dream of traveling far away for as little money as possible. Most of the time, however, the purse is not very loose, especially during studies.

These are cheap, special offers or cleverly put together student trips yourself. There are travel bargain experts who scour the Internet for such deals. But how do experts find these bargains? And, what do you have to enter to find the cheapest offer for a student trip? We have compiled the tips and tricks of professional bargain hunters for you. But beware: the travel providers’ promotions are often only up to date for a few hours and change frequently. If you have found a real bargain student trip, you should decide quickly.

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Find student travel easily


To get an almost free student trip, you should be flexible. Especially as a student, you can travel especially cheap if you are open about the destination, travel time, and duration, as well as the departure airport. The more flexible and open your search is, the cheaper your travel offer will be!

To help you find a student trip quickly, even on a small budget, we’ve gathered the tricks of the pro bargain hunters. Want to bet that you’ll pick up some real bargains?

The experts of the bargain travel portals have real strategies with which they fish real bargains out of the thousands of offers. We’ll tell you how you can turn a student trip into a luxury trip for next to nothing.

Be flexible

The first basic rule when looking for the perfect student vacation is to be flexible. Try not to commit in advance to a travel period or duration for your student trip. Also, your departure destination port should not only be the one on your doorstep. The more flexible you are, the cheaper your travel offer will be. Do not commit yourself to a long-distance trip or a city break.

Open search

The second basic rule is to be open. Do not stick to fixed criteria in your travel search as a student, and do not enter a fixed destination, a fixed departure airport, or the duration of the trip. We recommend a completely open search. You can always skip unsuitable offers later.

Be fast

To get a real bargain, you have to be fast. If you prefer to postpone your travel planning until tomorrow and need an extra day to think things over, you will usually pay more. Because the bargain is also suggested to other travel seekers and therefore quickly out of stock. So be quick and don’t wait long!

Book around the flight

Professional bargain hunters also recommend booking the flight first. Because flights are the more expensive part of your student vacation. Everything else, like accommodation, should be taken care of after you’ve booked the flight. Again, if possible, search for the flight with the open flight search.

Choose destination cleverly


Do you want sun, beach, and sea? You don’t have to fly to the Maldives. Popular destinations (e.g. Mallorca, Turkey, Spain) and destinations in Eastern Europe (e.g. Polish Baltic Sea, Gold Beach in Bulgaria) are usually the cheapest. The cheapest beach destinations in the overview.

Price sorting

Most providers sort their offered trips by popularity. To find the cheapest price, sort your search by price in ascending order.

Check offers

Often, cheap prices are advertised on the first page and become more expensive after checking the tour operator. Nevertheless: We have clicked through hundreds of offers and can assure you that: Whoever clicks through many offers is guaranteed to find them. Even if one or the other offer is out of stock or more expensive after the check, extreme bargains can be bought. So – click through – a price bargain will be there.

Departure airport from abroad

To find a cheap flight for your student vacation, you should include foreign airports as departure airports in your open flight search. Among professional bargain hunters, some foreign airports are known as insider tips. Flights from Brussels (BRU), Amsterdam (AMS), or Copenhagen (CPH) are often particularly cheap.

Long distance with the cheap airline

If you have already decided for your student trip should be a long-distance destination, you should look for a long-haul flight with a low-cost airline.

Package tours during the week

As a student, you can be more flexible with your time and you should consider that for your student trip. Employees and families with children usually have the school and office routine during the week and use the weekend for their free time and travel. Therefore, on weekends, package tours are usually more in demand and correspondingly more expensive.

Avoid extra baggage


Many airlines charge extra fees for baggage. Be sure to pay attention to your conditions and travel with hand luggage if necessary. If you want to check in a piece of luggage for your student trip, you should book it early. Often there are high surcharges for booking directly at the airport.

Use the main airports of the low-cost airlines

To get the cheapest flight from a low-cost airline, you have to book your student trip via the main airport of the airline.

Use business hotels on weekends

Business hotels are often empty on weekends and then give away their rooms at bargain prices.

Seasonal fluctuations

If you want to get a real bargain for your student trip, you should rather book your travels as a student in the low season. In the low season, you usually pay half or only a third of the high season price. When the Mediterranean becomes relatively expensive in the summer, it’s low season in the Caribbean and guaranteed bargain time.

Extra tip 1: Never book your student trip during school holiday periods, as prices are highest there.

Extra tip 2: Flights are very expensive around Christmas.

Neighboring airports


Your destination airport does not have to be the same as your destination. When traveling for students, you should always include airports throughout the region. Bargain hunter’s tip: Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports are only an hour apart by train. Get a cheap flight to Miami and fly from Fort Lauderdale to Latin America for less.

Book as early as possible

Book your student vacation as early as possible and you’ll save money. After all, the more crowded a hotel or plane is, the more expensive another seat will be. Ultra-last minute (a few days before the start of the trip) can also be very cheap: When planes and hotels still have relatively many seats available and there is not much time left to sell them.

Cost of living

An important bargain-hunting tip is to pay attention to the cost of living of your student travel destination. When choosing a destination, pay attention to the price level of the city or country. Travel to Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, or the Caribbean and you’ll save more money on food than you would at home.

More cash for your student vacation


Free stuff for your student vacation

To make sure you spend as little as possible locally on your student vacation, don’t miss out on these deals. Because buying magazines at the airport for the flight or expensive phone calls home can make the student trip unnecessarily expensive.

Organization of the student trip

To organize your student trip completely and make it as pleasant as possible, we have put together a few more tips and tricks for you.

Most young people dream of traveling far away for as little money as possible. Mostly, however, the purse is not very loose, especially during studies. If you are one of those students who constantly have to keep their money together, you don’t necessarily have to miss out on your well-earned student trip – especially if you can imagine being a backpacker. We reveal some great backpacker tips that can save you quite a bit as a low-budget traveler.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

If they get it right, students can usually snag some sort of perks just about anywhere. The so-called International Student Identity Card (ISIC), an internationally recognized student card, makes this possible almost everywhere in the world: In 110 countries you can get discounts in all possible areas – from admission to museums to car rental. Even discounts on flights are possible with it.


We wish you a lot of travel. You must see the whole world. Visit the most beautiful place or new country at least once every few months. It helps to keep a positive life attitude and motivates you to succeed in your studies or work. If you have difficulties in your studies, don’t hesitate to contact the best college essay writing service for qualified help. With experienced professionals, you will succeed in all your difficult assignments.