Terminology Of Online Slots For Beginners

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The first thing that many people associate with casinos is online slots. There are so many of them that beginners can get confused. Games are getting new features, and today’s one-armed bandit video simulators don’t look like they used to earlier at all. In this article, we will talk about what a modern best online slots game consists of.

Components of the Gameplay of Online Slots

All online slots in Canada have the same structure. They work on a random number generator and are built on the same principle. Only the form is different. There may be a slight difference in mechanics, but in general, all slots contain the elements described below.

Reels and Paylines

The reels are vertical rows with symbols. Classic variants contain 3 drums. And the most popular type is 5 reels. It is the drums that rotate when a person starts the machine. This process is called spin.

A payline is an axis on which a chain of identical symbols must line up. The very first one-armed bandits had only one payline, and it was in the center. Online casino slots that contain 20 paylines and more are very popular. The more lines, the more chances to win!

There are also games in which there are no lines at all. In them, the player receives payment if any of the symbols are found anywhere on the field in a certain amount.

Symbols and Paytable

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Symbols are images that are on the reels. When they line up, they make a profit. The number of symbols required to win varies depending on the size of the field. But often there should be at least 3 pieces per line. There are Canadian online slots, where 2 are enough. For a combination of two pieces, the winnings are the least. The more identical symbols on the line, the bigger the win.

Symbols are standard and special. Standards are divided into cheap and more expensive. Specials include:

  • Wild — available in all best online slots, can replace the missing symbol.
  • Scatter — opens a bonus round, regardless of the line, it brings profit.
  • Sticky symbol — stays in place after a spin.
  • Bonus — needed to launch various additional rounds.
  • Expanding — participate in combinations in different places on the field.

Depending on the developer’s imagination, other characters can be added.

You can find the payout table in the information about the slot. In it, you will see all the symbols and the value of the combination with each of them. For your convenience, when you change the bet, the payout table also changes. So you can immediately see how much you get for a successful spin.

Buttons for Setting

At the bottom of the game screen, there is always a panel with the main settings. Some additional settings can be found in the menu, which is hidden behind the gear icon.

The main buttons for customizing casino slots online:

  • The size of the bet is how much money will be withdrawn from the account when you make spins.
  • An automatic game is a process when the reels rotate without your participation (you can choose the number of spins).
  • Accelerated rotation — if the rotation animation is too long, you can shorten it.
  • Restrictions — a function of responsible gaming, for example, stop the automatic game when you lose a certain amount or win.
  • Purchase of additional features — a separate button with which you can buy some kind of bonus mode.

The best online slots in Canada always offer a variety of settings to ensure every player is comfortable.

Characteristics of Online Simulators

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If you want the selected one-armed bandit to be not only interesting but also profitable, then be sure to study its main characteristics. They relate to the financial side and gameplay. Below are the main criteria to be considered.


Finding good online slots to win real money is easy by this indicator. It shows the level of risk, how often the winnings fall out and how big they will be. Volatility can be:

  • low (winnings are frequent but small);
  • medium (there is a chance to win a good amount quickly);
  • high (the game can bring huge profits, but many spins can be idle).

Volatility can be found in the description of the slot. Its level is shown schematically, in the form of lightning, or written in words.


Shows the average percentage of money that is returned to the player. This can be found in the description of the slot. If you want to play slots online for real money, then you should pay attention to options with a high RTP. Recommended from 96%.

This indicator means that if you spend $100 on spins, the result of the spins will return you $96. This is an average (that is, some players get more, and some less). 95% and above are considered high rates.

Special Features

Various add-ons that the developer offers make the game more profitable and interesting. Here are the most popular ones that are found in modern simulators:

  • Falling symbols — when the symbols participating in the combination disappear from the field, new ones fall in their place without a spin, that is, for free.
  • Bonus modes — free spins or mini-games that bring the player profit without the cost of spins.
  • Respins — a feature when you can make a respin for free or the machine does it after a certain symbol or combination.

Choosing online slots for real money with these features is easy, as they can be found in the description of the slot machine.

Demo Mode

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Everything is simple here. You can test any modern one-armed bandit simulator for free. To do this, when starting the game, select the Demo function.

Even the most popular Canadian slots online can be run in a trial version. All features and frequency of winnings remain the same as in the paid version. Usually, you can try demo mode even without registration.

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