How Online Resume Services Can Help in Job Search – 2024 Guide

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Receiving rejection after rejection when applying for jobs can make anyone feel discouraged. You may think to yourself, what am I doing wrong? Is it me? Am I not good enough? Instead of looking at yourself and your abilities, you may want to look at your resume.

The truth is, resumes and career fields are ever-evolving. What may have been the standard even just a year ago may now be obsolete. Because many employers use job search websites to look for candidates, your resume must include specific keywords and phrases to even appear in their search. So how can you keep up with such changes while ensuring that your resume does too? We suggest trying an online resume service.

What is an Online Resume Service?

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Online resume services such as this one here are a way to have your resume written by a professional. Each online resume service has its team of professional writers who are assigned resume projects according to the job level and industry. They even offer various packages to include any additional help or documents you may need.

Depending on which service you use, the process will be relatively similar. You will most likely send in your existing resume as well as any other information, experience, accomplishments, or skills you want to include on the new resume they create for you. Then, your project is assigned to one of their hired professionals. Each service has its own turnaround rate, so depending on theirs is when you can expect to see your new and improved resume. From there, you can accept it as is, or offer any feedback or critique to revise it any further.

Every online resume service is different and has their own set of strengths, weaknesses, and prices. The average cost of a resume by an online resume service is between $150 to $300, and the average turnaround rate is 5 to 7 days. Of course, this differs depending on whether or not you purchase a package that includes more documents. While researching the right online resume service for you, beware of fraudulent sites.

Why Should I Use it?

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Your resume is the first impression an employer has of you. Think of the quote, “first impressions are lasting impressions.” To make a good first (and lasting) impression, you need an excellent resume that showcases all of your skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

While using an online resume service costs you money, it does save you time. It saves you time on researching what you need to include in your resume, writing the content, and designing the document. An online resume service does all of that for you.

As previously stated, resume standards, careers, and the recruiting process are continually changing. Did you know that it is now not only acceptable but often preferred, for employees to have a two-page resume instead of just one? Or that resumes should now be available for mobile-viewing? By using an online resume service, you don’t have to know any of that to have a modern, professional-looking resume. Their professional writers already recognize and execute that knowledge.

Pros/Cons of an Online Resume Service

As with any online service, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s all about your personal preferences, wants, needs, and budget. Below is a general pros and cons list of using any online resume service.

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  • No Design or Writing Skills Necessary.  Because a hired professional will be doing this for you, you don’t have to be a talented writer or graphic designer to have a great sounding and looking resume.
  • It Saves You Time.  Creating a resume from scratch is time-consuming and overwhelming. Using an online service eliminates that.
  • You Don’t Need Extra Software. Online resume services do not require you to have any additional software to use their services. You simply use their website.
  • It Provides You with Professional Help and Insight. Most online resume services have over 100 hired professionals who use their knowledge, experience, and talent to create a resume for you.


  • It Costs Money. Of course, the biggest drawback is that it costs money when doing it yourself is free. However, all online resume services have their prices, so you can find one that works with your budget.
  • You Don’t have 100% Control. If you’re creating your resume from zero, you have full control of what it’s going to be. However, if you hire someone to do it for you, you need to trust that it turns out satisfactory. Remember that everyone on these services is engaged professionals with a specific skill set.
  • There are a lot of Options to Choose From. While this is listed as a con, it can be interpreted as a pro. Because there are so many different online resume services to choose from, you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

How to Identify A Quality Resume Writing Company

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It’s important to do your research and see if the resume writing company you’re looking into is a reputable one. Look at their reviews, if they’ve been mentioned online before, the credential of their writers, and their writing process.

If the resume service doesn’t allow you to interact with their writers, then this is a red flag. Same goes with if the turnaround time is extremely short. If the resume service claims they have your resume written within 24 hours, then there’s no way they are putting that much effort and time into learning about your specific needs and career goals. Keep in mind, anyone can create a website and claim to be a quality resume service – so be careful.


Using an online resume service is a sure way to have a practical, contemporary, and professional-looking resume, no matter your job level or industry. While there are certain benefits of doing it yourself, there are even more when hiring someone to do it for you. A good resume is all about making an excellent first and lasting impression, and online resume services help you do that.