Will Online Casinos Usurp Their Physical Counterparts?

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Online casinos seem like they have grown in popularity in the last few decades, especially after the occurrence of the global pandemic of COVID-19. Instead of being able to visit these real places wherever they liked, players were forced to stay home. Many have found an alternative in downloading the apps created by a wide array of different gambling brands.

If you conduct research, you will find that there are a lot of them to choose from. Naturally, you will select the one that meets your needs and preferences most efficiently. Without any doubt, COVID-19 has caused a spike in these sites’ popularity. If you would like to check some of these out, be sure to pay a visit to newcasinos.com.

Will this mean that we will see them usurp their physical counterparts as we have seen in other areas of entertainment, or will we see them interact together? As you can presume, this is a rather big topic. Still, we would like to take a look at some of the most significant parts of the story.

A Long History

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It is important to remember that physical casinos have existed for decades. Even though they are present in popular culture since the 1930s, we can see that the interest in them hasn’t declined after all these years. Not to mention that there is a lot of history there that people are going to want to seek out alongside the desire for a few games. For example, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is one of the most iconic locations for gambling in Europe.

This establishment has been around since 1863, and it is going to continue to draw interest. The same can be said for certain casinos on the Las Vegas strip. Not to mention the history of gambling in Atlantic City. They have been instrumental in the development of the city throughout the 21st century, and their legacy simply can’t be usurped by an online destination. This is in contrast to what we have seen from the online world.

Believe it or not, online casinos have existed for more or less the same length of time as the world wide web has. Their growth has been restricted by many different governments, like many introduced restrictions and regulations that have controlled online gambling. Some of them were as severe as completely banning the concept from several countries and states.

As these have shifted – most notably in the USA – we will inevitably see interest in online casinos continue to grow. Still, that doesn’t mean that taking the place of traditional ways of gambling is something that will happen in the nearest future. That doesn’t mean that they are not on the right path. If you take a look at some surveys and reports, you will see that their popularity has skyrocketed.

Established Brands Headed Online

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With a lot of interest being paid to these sites, it is little surprise that we are seeing some of the well-established casino brands head online to create their own spaces. Players seeking MGA casinos will be able to head to one of the many places that these brands own, but they will also be able to go online. Even though it might seem a little bit strange, there is no surprise in every company wanting to expand their business both offline and online.

Without any doubt, going online is surely a great chance to cash in on some of the latest trends in the industry. This means that many companies who have an established presence as a casino destination will want to capitalise on the opportunities available to them in the digital space. Not everyone will manage to visit Las Vegas or other gambling destinations such as Macau. No matter how these two destinations are looking like homes of the industry, not everyone will have a chance to do so. That doesn’t mean that they cannot get the next best thing.

For instance, they might be able to swing by an online casino. The games would be the same, the play experience would be the same. It only makes sense for these corporations to expand their presence. They might not always be able to do it in the physical world, but they can do it online. Naturally, the only component that lacks in this approach is the social component. While there is a chance for you to talk with other participants through chat. Still, it is not the same experience as it is when you see these people in person, right?

Not the Same Experience

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However, it is important to point out that playing at an online casino is not the same experience as heading to a physical one. Though live and VR casinos try to emulate the experience as closely as possible, they are missing some of the social aspects that come with playing at one of these, as we’ve mentioned earlier in this article of ours.

Of course, we also have to remember that not everyone heads to these places just for that one location. Let’s take Las Vegas as the perfect example here. Many people do go to the casinos and tournaments in this city, but it is certainly not the only reason why someone might want to go here. We believe this statement is something that everyone will agree with this statement of ours.

Las Vegas itself is home to some amazing shopping, not to mention the incredible restaurants offering up the latest and best cuisine from around the world. You can also head out of the city, going to the Hoover Dam or some of the other nearby attractions, or see one of the many shows. But that doesn’t mean that these places weren’t the biggest drive-force behind this rise.

The same can be said for many of the other big casino destinations around the world. Visitors to them will be looking for a lot more than just what the casinos can offer. Can online destinations compete in the same way? We don’t believe that this will be the case. Still, we cannot be so bold as to make these sorts of claims so easily.

Will We See Online Casinos Usurp Physical Ones?

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Will online casinos reign supreme? Chances are, no. They are certainly going to prove themselves to be a very good destination for many people to visit, but they are not going to achieve the same prestige and reputation that we see from the more established ones. No matter how pleasant the digital experience is, people will simply always prefer the real-life one. Though we might see them become equal in terms of visitors and tournaments, they are never going to have quite the same feeling as physical casinos.

When we say that, we don’t think only about the social component that is nowhere to be found in this concept. The world of gambling contains too much allure. Since this is the fact, chances that people will get tired of it are rather slim. From the bright lights of Vegas and Macau to the historical and hallowed halls of Monte Carlo, and every other one in between, there is no way that these prestigious buildings are going to fall out of favor. These sites have a lot of catching up to do if they want to be on the same level as physical casinos!

The Bottom Line

Understanding this whole industry is much more complex than a majority of people believe. It has two main parts that are in a never-ending struggle over who will prevail. No matter how popular the digital aspect is, we believe that the live experience will have an advantage for many years to come. Here, you can find all the most relevant information on this topic.