Online Casino Trends that Will Change the Industry This Year 2024

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The online casino industry has gone through tremendous improvements over the last years or decades as more technological advancements were implemented. This industry is simply a competitive platform for online casino operators to always make sure that they deliver new and unique gaming experience to players around the world.

The online casino industry has come a long way since it started, but with its continuous growth, people can expect that more trends will soon arise. Currently, it appears that mobile gaming is the in thing, and it might be the case for the next few years.

About 62 percent of online gamblers nowadays use their mobile phones to play their favorite casino games. Mobile users are still predicted to continue to grow, and so it’s also expected that more people will choose to gamble with their mobile phones.

This year is undoubtedly exciting for the online casino community. Here are some trends that may take the spotlight this year.

The Use of Other Devices to Play Online Casino Games

Img source: report that aside from smartphones, other wearable devices like a smartwatch are also becoming popular. It’s a sector of mobile technology that is growing big, and it’s expected to be an industry that will be worth around 33 billion US dollars by the end of this year.

With its growth, gaming software developers, including casino software providers, are also creating more games that are compatible with this device. That means that we’ll be seeing more people using their smartwatches play online casino games.

Cryptocurrency Gaming

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many other more are still seen as the future of online transactions, even though cryptos haven’t been valued as much as it was when it peaked in 2017.

Crypto experts believe that even if it’s been a while since Bitcoin’s value was raised to around 20,000 US dollars per Bitcoin, it’s still not the end of its growth and popularity. More businesses are now using crypto as a payment option.

In the online casino industry, many operators now offer Bitcoin as a mode of payment. You can enjoy real money and free slots at, but they accept BTC as a form of payment as well. There are also online casinos that are dedicated only to Bitcoin and altcoin users.

Live Dealer Games

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Players nowadays appear to be more interested in playing realistic online casino games in the comfort of their homes. Real or live dealer games are now offered by almost all the most prominent online casino operators. It’s mainly provided for table games like Poker,

Blackjack, and Baccarat.

More table games may come out with their live versions. What’s for sure is that players are usually looking for dealers with quick wit and charm. It’s just really more likely that players stay in the game much longer if live dealers are accommodating and merely charming.

The Implementation of VR Technology

Virtual reality has been around for a while now, but it was really in 2016 when it changed the gaming trend worldwide. In 2016, Oculus Rift released its first VR device to the public, and it didn’t take long before other brands like HTC and Lenovo released their own VR devices.

With those releases, the public became more interested in virtual gaming. Since then, more VR games were released, and of course, online casinos adapted to it. There are now virtual casinos that people could enjoy, but some software providers are already aiming to take it to the next level. Net Ent, for example, has shown a demo of the VR version of their popular slot machine game Jack and the Beanstalk.

Better Slot Machine Games

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There are thousands of slot machine games that you can play online. If you visit an online casino, you can even feel overwhelmed with the variety of slot machine games that they have.

The slots have always been popular because it’s one of the most accessible online games to play, but people are now looking for more exciting options. That is why many online slots come in varieties with different themes and stories.

New Table Games

While popular games like slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette remain the favorites of many online gamblers, casino operators are still aiming to add some new table games. Many online casinos are now offering new table games to see which could become famous. Such games are for people who would want to take a break from the traditional casino games.

The Implementation of AR Technology

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Augmented reality (AR) is a relatively new technology that is still struggling to find a mainstream implementation. The term itself is about 20 years old. It was used by Boeing to describe the improvements to their manufacturing process. It was the first real implementation of AR technology. In essence, AR works by superimposing artificial objects over real-world images.

It gained popularity with Pokemon Go! In 2018. In online casinos, AR has the potential to elevate gambling to a whole new level. The only limiting factor is hardware, especially on the client-side. It is unrealistic to expect that each player will have a rig at home capable of rendering such graphic programs AR demands. Still, some smaller details will surely soon find their way into online gambling.

The Use of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just Skynet taking over the world. The truth is that real AI still doesn’t exist, except maybe in some super-secret lab. When we say AI today, we refer to machine learning and algorithms that allow a program to improve its behavior based on the real-time input.

In terms of online gambling, AI has several possible implementations. It is already in use in some aspects, but in the future, it is expected that it can significantly enhance players’ experience and reduce risk. It can monitor and predict players’ behavior and adjust automatically, without the need for input from an operator.