Oil Free Air Compressor Advantages for you and for the Environment

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You may be looking to upgrade your current air compressor or perhaps invest in one as a first-time purchase. Just like many choices in our lives, we need to consider the impact on the environment of our tools and how we can make conscious decisions to reduce this impact.

Air compressors are incredibly versatile tools and industries and avid DIY-ers know how essential they are for completing manual tasks to reduce the time and effort spent with traditional tools.

These machines provide the user total power with nailing, sanding, spraying and hammering with a myriad of tools that are able to be powered by an air compressor. They can also be used for inflating tyres, auto repairs, sandblasters, grease guns, the list really is endless.

It’s essential to highlight the importance of choosing the right air compressor so we can reduce our carbon footprint and lessen our use of fossil fuels.

By making small changes at work and at home, we can all begin a positive change. Oil-free air compressors are a great example of this, not only do they reduce waste and carbon emissions they can also reduce your running costs, double bonus!

You may be wondering what the difference between oil-free and oil-based is and why this is even a factor. Every air compressor requires lubrication to safely and efficiently draw in air through the central cylinder with the assisted use of a piston. Traditionally, this lubrication was always achieved with the use of oil.

These oil-based machines are far heavier than their newer counterparts and harder to maintain due to the added elements needed, they are also commonly more expensive to purchase. However, they are more robust and suited to large-scale applications so they are still in demand.

Since the invention of non-stick coatings, such as Teflon, air compressor manufacturers quickly realized this works as a fantastic replacement to oil and began designing these oil-free machines. Due to the added elements needed for oil being completely eradicated in these machines, it makes them lighter and more compact, perfect for tasks that are not static, they are also are cheaper to purchase and require far less maintenance.

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An oil-based machine must remain static and upright during use as the disruption of proper oil flow can cause problems with the machine. With an oil-free compressor, you do not have to take this into account and they can be placed anywhere and at any angle.

Oil-based air compressors also must be kept at certain temperatures as oil becomes viscous in cooler temperatures and can prevent the motor from starting. Considering most applications happen outside and in environments that don’t possess heating, this can be a big issue.

So, already you can see the benefits of an oil-free air compressor without even touching the surface of how it can save you on your bills and reduce your impact on the environment. The most obvious answer is they do not use oil, therefore reducing our consumption of fossil fuels, but you may be surprised to know there are even more benefits.

An oil-free air compressor removes all costs that are associated with collecting and disposing of oil-laden condensate and of course the cost of the oil itself. These machines are far less wasteful in general as well, you will have no need to pay for and replace the air/oil separator and other filtration components. You can visit directair.co.uk for a range of oil-free air compressors available that you can use.

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This element is notorious for wearing down at speed and although they are not a huge expense, hundreds end up in landfills each day and are not biodegradable.

According to AirCompressorUsa, harmful emissions into our atmosphere are one of the biggest contributors to climate change and even the smallest positive change can begin to help reverse the damage we are causing. Oil-free air compressors produce the purest form of air available. This air is so clean that even the medical and food industries use these machines as they know the risk of any contamination is incredibly low.

Not only is this good for the planet, but also for those working around air compressors, nobody wants to be in close proximity to a machine producing unclean air. With this contamination eradicated, you are also safe in the knowledge that any possessions, projects or goods can’t be damaged from oil spills.

When using any tools, the most important thing to consider is the safety of yourself and those around you. Any machine using oil comes with risks and there is always the possibility of pipeline fires. Oil-free machines do not come with this risk.

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Energy bills are also reduced with oil-free air compressors, the less energy you are using the lower the cost and the impact on the environment. Oil-free air compressors do not need increased forces of power when the unit has a drop in the filtration in the downstream pressure, unlike oil-based. Oil-free units can, on average, unload in 2 seconds of your command which only uses around 18% of its full load horsepower.

Do keep in mind, all machines come with their downsides and oil-free air compressors are no exception. They are known to be louder than other machines and this noise generated can be an annoyance to those working around them and can cause long-term hearing problems if exposure is frequent.

Don’t despair, there is a solution. Firstly, when working with any machine, protective gear is a must. Noise defenders should always be worn when working around air compressors but you can still do even more to protect yourself.

Low-noise air compressors are the perfect solution. These reduce noise levels to around 40dB. The lowest safe level is considered 60 dB and anything over 80dB can cause long-term problems with hearing. They achieve this with the addition of an acoustic cylinder to contain this sound and although they are slightly more expensive than a standard machine, they are definitely worth the investment.

So, if you are looking to purchase a new machine or upgrade an old one, why not look into an oil-free air compressor to help the planet, your safety and your bank balance.