Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

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As technology continues to advance and develop, the more our working lives move online. Due to this, the need for bigger and stronger cybersecurity has grown as well. Today, malware and virus attacks are unfortunately a common occurrence and if successful, they can cause several serious issues for a company. This is why it is crucial to secure one’s business against potential online threats.

Updating the system, changing passwords regularly and frequently, and encrypting data are the basics of protection, however, they are not enough to keep the email inboxes completely safe from online threats. For small and medium-sized businesses the Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection – ATP for short might be the best solution for fulfilling this need, so here are some things to know about it.

What It Is

It is a service that can typically provide malware protection in several different server environments, such as cloud-based or on-premises. It is not only a virus removal tool but performs several other functions such as automated monitoring, behavioral analysis, and more to detect advanced threats and those who try to access sensitive information remotely. This service secures emails within your company in several different ways and it is a great tool for preventing cyberattacks before they happen. If you are interested to learn more about the service, you can visit

Why It Is Necessary for Businesses

The cloud security service does not require additional software or hardware tools to run and it assesses the email content even before the recipient opens it. It offers numerous benefits, so here are some of the biggest and most useful features it has to offer.

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1. ATP Safe Links Scans URLs

The feature scans URLs and Office documents and rewrites malicious links or the system takes users to a warning page before granting them access to it. It also prevents viruses from spreading since it scans downloadable files as well and blocks anything harmful if necessary.

2. ATP Safe Attachments Reviews Files

Office 365 threat protection finds messages with known malware or virus signatures and prevents the email that contains them from being delivered. If it is an unknown signature, the attachment is sent to a detonation chamber – a special environment away from your network where it is analyzed and tested for malicious intent. If nothing suspicious is detected it will be delivered within your email. Otherwise, it gets sent to quarantine 

3. Spoof Intelligence

The Spoof Intelligence feature shows all the senders that are using the same domain and enables the user to completely block a sender or allow entry. The feature can effectively separate malicious and legitimate spoofing and is built-in for your domains, but also external ones as well.

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4. Quarantine

 If service detects messages containing malware or reports emails as spam, they are directly sent to quarantine. The Office 365 email protection then allows the settings of such messages to only be managed by authorized staff members.


The service offers a simple and safe solution for protection against malicious cyber attacks. It not only provides security but also saves you time and money and helps you avoid any serious damage or issues your company might face if attacked. Have peace of mind and save your business from the consequences of cyber threats by integrating ATP into your software as soon as possible.