What’s in store for the future of sex dolls?


The global adult toy market is big business, now worth a huge $24billion. With nearly 70% of US citizens reportedly owning a dildo, it’s apparent that sex toys have become commonplace in bedside drawers across the globe. However, one sex toy that’s sales have really spiked in the adult market recently is the sex doll. As they gain popularity their sales are solidly increasing every year.

Of course, life-like objects for the use of sex have been in existence for hundreds of years, but technological advancements over the decades have brought them far past the initial 17th-century design, the traditional blow-up stag novelty, and now to pieces of intellectual art. However, despite the huge growth in the market, there are still a lot of questions surrounding this area and where they will be in the future.

The founder of the aptly named distributor, one of the leading doll distributors shares some interesting insights into this market and his predictions for the future.

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The advances

There is a lot to thank technology for in modern living. Not only does it make day to day life much easier, but it improves user experience in every aspect of living, and this is certainly true for the world of sex. One of the greatest technological developments in recent times definitely has to be sex dolls, which yes, makes it easier for people to get off, but it also improves their experience in the bedroom too.

From static objects to fully functioning robots, there are a huge range of models available on the market. Some of them that are now being produced are unbelievably realistic and can, and have been, mistaken for real people. This would be a true statement regarding the recent range released recently, that have been developed to directly mirror attributes of real women and men, making them ultra-realistic. For example, the company uses a particular blend of silicone that creates a material that to the touch, feels like you’re connecting with another human.

However, not only has the quality of these type of sex aids improved tenfold, but the technology behind them has come so far you can now hold a genuine conversation with the figures. Artificial Intelligence has already changed in so many areas of life that are every day, from Apple’s Siri to the social media ads we’re subconsciously fed daily, so it why shouldn’t it be embraced to better people’s sex lives too?

AI has really opened the doors for progression in this arena and has been instrumental in birthing the sex robot. Some of these models have the capabilities to react to human touch through sensors built into their hands, vagina, face and breasts. These advances significantly enhance the reality these toys can bring to the user. In fact, experts have predicted that by the year 2050 interactions with robots will surpass both human engagement and sexual interaction.

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The customisations

The freedom of preference all begins with gender and sexual anatomy. Traditionally, there were only female models available on the market, however there are now both male and transsexual options available. Although the market is still predominantly female, this really shows the advancements in the future of sex dolls as they’re beginning to really cover a whole spectrum of sexual preferences.

As we all know, everyone is attracted to different things, from gender, race, and hair colour to different features, tattoos and eye colour. The list of what each individual finds attractive is as bespoke as it is flexible. Everyone has their own preferences and kinks, so as a result, one model of toy won’t simply suit all. This is why sites are offering their customers the chance to completely customise their purchase. There are pre-set options they can choose that allows the user experience to be exactly what they want, as they can choose their own companion’s features, from height, right down to toenail colour.

The sex aids are usually made with an alloy frame and built to a bespoke mould of your choosing so people can create the base shape, adding features and extra add-ons as they progress with the build. This enhances the concept of a sex doll being more than a toy, becoming a companion you’re attracted to, allowing users to build their dream man or woman. In fact, some sites has even added the capability for the customer to send them a photo and they will bring their dream to life, creating a life-like figure based on the picture.

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The benefits

The benefits of any sex toy are endless, but dolls offer a completely unique advantage over any other item available on the market, companionship. Because of the progression that has been made through innovation, they are more realistic than ever before, users report that intimacy with their silicone companion feels like an experience with a real-life person.

Equally, many people that own a sex doll don’t necessarily do so just for sexual gratification, it’s also about the human connection. They’re are reportedly sold to a number of people that struggle to have a relationship due to difficulties with mental health, bereavement, shyness, or they just don’t have time to find a romantic bond with other humans. These sex toys offer the user the human interaction they crave and need in a way that suits them.

There are also huge benefits to these kind of sex aids with regards to experimentation. Although they may be mistaken for a living person, the bottom line is, they’re not. This opens up a whole new world to someone who wants to experiment with sexual fantasies or of course their own sexuality, without shame or judgement as they are guaranteed complete privacy with an object.

The bottom-line is, there are so many exciting and revolutionary movements happening in technology that have bettered the market. This has brought tremendous benefits to many, meaning advancements in this area will inevitably continue to be better than ever and offer more to people’s sex lives than any other toy can.

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