Smartwatches vs. Traditional Watches – Which One Should You Buy

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Smartwatch or a traditional one? The latter is a symbol of style and fashion. Some people even go so far that they combine the color of their watch strap with their shoes. On the other hand, a smartwatch, appeared after the arrival of smartphones, becoming the most popular accessories for athletes due to its various functions. If you want to know the expert opinion about this and many other matters, check out the ExpertCog. They will provide you with a lot of useful information.

While many people prefer to wear traditional watches, others choose technology and go for smartwatches.

Classic watches never go out of fashion, while smartwatches become out of date as time passes, and new models appear, which means that one must change them every few years.

Analog watches

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In the Analog Watches category, you can sort products by price, manufacturer, and by gender – women’s, men’s or children’s watches. The advantage of analog clocks is that they are simpler to use than digital clocks because they generally have no additional functions.

Adjusting the correct time on analog watches is more natural than on digital ones – there is a crown on both sides of the clock, the tip of the mechanical lever of the clock that adjusts the exact time. Heads are sensitive parts of the wristwatch because they have a direct effect on the water-resistance of the watch. There are two types of heads – standard and threaded. The threaded crown is considered to be the best guarantee of the water-resistance of the watch since the head must be “unscrewed” first to allow the key to be pulled out, and the clock to be adjusted.

Classic analog watches are more stylish than digital ones, so they are often selected according to style. For sure, the two most popular forms of a classic wristwatch are the belt, and a dial with Arabic or Roman numerals, often decorated with zircons, dashes, pictograms, and similar decorations.

Although it is not that common, classic wristwatches may also have additional features. They can have an alarm, backlight, or hands. Also, they can be waterproof, so we recommend that you think about what extra features do you need and what wristwatch best suits your style.


Smartwatches have been on the market since the 1970s, but with the advancement of technology, they have only become popular nowadays. It is believed that their popularity will undoubtedly grow in the future because they are efficient and useful, whether you are into sports, business-oriented, like to get organized well, or just like their contemporary design.

What are smartwatches?

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To put it bluntly, smartwatches, like smartphones, provide the essential functions of a watch or a phone, but much more.

Today, smartphones can almost replace computers. They show time, but they also offer many different options. Specifically, they connect to your phone via BlueTooth, feature a touch screen, and several apps that allow you to read emails, dictate messages, measure pulse, post on social networks, plan your day, etc.

So, they offer a large number of options as well as mobile phones. But then what are smartwatches for, if we already have smartphones?

The great virtue of these watches is their practicality as well as their size. They are much smaller than the phone, and you can wear them on your wrist so that they are always with you. All essential notifications will be on your watch, and you will not miss any calls. So everything you want is closer to you this way.

The best part is that your watch also takes care of your health, alerts you when your heart rate is too fast, measures how many miles you’ve traveled, and helps you maintain your diet.

What are the features of smartwatches?

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1) Notifications

That is one of their main options; they are synchronized with your phone and will show you all notifications from your phone. So, you will immediately know if you have received a message. You will receive reminders for meetings and various events.

These watches have a microphone so that you can communicate that way. You can also plan an entire day on your smartwatch and rely on it to let you know when it’s time for a particular activity.

2) They make it easier to listen to music

Run, train, and listen to music, but you can’t always pull your phone out of your pocket to change music or adjust the volume. You can quickly solve this on your smartwatch.

Besides, these watches can be connected to both your phone and your wireless headset, so your headphone cables will not interfere with your physical activity. That is why the smartwatch is primarily intended for those who are unable to continually hold the phone in their hands, even though they often need it. Therefore the smartwatch can be considered an accessory to the phone. If you are in constant motion throughout the day, you minimize the possibility of your phone crashing and breaking.

3) You can dictate messages and your statuses on social networks

Get busy with training or appointments and respond to messages. There is nothing more comfortable, dictate what you want to say, and the clock will record for you and send the message it needs. This way, you can also post statuses on social networks and make comments, all without using a keyboard.

The only downside is that the audio sensors are still underdeveloped enough to recognize all languages.

4) They help with exercise

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Want to know how many calories you have lost, what your heart rate is, and when you should take a short break between exercises? You can get all this information firsthand with your watch while doing the exercises. Physical activity and progress in training have never been easier than with this type of watch.

5) Life-saving sensors

Sensors can save your life in case of injuries. For example, some watches have the option of sensing when their user falls do; then, they show some notifications to indicate that you are conscious and well. If you lose consciousness during the crash, the clock will automatically call an ambulance.

6) They have GPS

This option is great for toddlers who can get lost. Parents connect the clocks to their phones to know where their child is, which can be of great help in crises. With smartwatches around your kid’s wrist, you won’t have to worry about their safety at all.

7) Battery life is longer than on phones

That depends on the type of watch itself, some last 18 hours; some can last even one day without recharging. The aim is to extend the length of the battery to two or three days. Of course, it also depends on how much you use the functions of your smartwatch.


Smartwatches are becoming an indispensable part of the daily lives of people around the world. What contributes to their rapid expansion is that people from all walks of life can use them. Whether you are an athlete, a student, a retiree, or a businessman, this device will significantly facilitate your daily activities. So do not miss the opportunity to face the future, today, right here on your hand.