7 Best Destinations to Travel in Canada

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If you have ever considered traveling to Canada this is the right article for you. Canada is a country full of cities and towns which are very different from modern centers to mountain places. The best way to enjoy Canada is to plan a trip based on your interests. If you want to find out more about ESTA, do you need one, and how to get one go check electronic-system-travel-authorization.com.

In the article down below, you can read all about the 7 best destinations to travel in Canada.

1. Vancouver

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This is a beautiful city located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean with a joyful atmosphere. The locals are very sporty and they enjoy outdoor activities during the whole year. You can swim and sunbathe during the summer on the ocean’s beaches and ski in the mountain’s resorts in winter. You can walk to Stanley Park and see the towering trees.

2. Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls are the most visited natural attractions in Canada. You can walk up to the edge of the falls and see the magnificent sight of water that disappears over the crest. You can eat in the city with the same name that has settled near waterfalls. You can spend a day or two, and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

3. Toronto

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This is the largest city when it comes to Canada which has ballet, opera, symphony, and even Broadway shows. The main landmark of this city is the CN Tower, and in this city, you will find fine dining, a large number of museums and exceptional shopping. In summer there are plenty of outdoor activities, such as concerts and cultural performances on the streets.

4. Montreal

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Montreal is one of the most unique cities in Canada, with extraordinary historic district back from the 1600s. The old part of Montreal is the major tourist attraction. There you can see cobbled streets and beautiful old buildings. If you want to feel like a piece of Europe this French-speaking province of Quebec with own cultural identity is the perfect place for you.

5. Banff

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If you want to explore the Rocky Mountains you must go and visit a cute town of Banff in Banff National Park. The most stunning scenery in entire Canada is located in this national park. In this tourist town, you can meet travelers from all over the world.

6. St. John’s

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If you want to visit Newfoundland, St. John’s is the perfect historic spot to enjoy the city, grab lunch or drink coffee. The most popular city’s attractions are Signal Hill and George Street. The maritime culture is very unique and special for this city. The city’s atmosphere is vibrant, and the locals are very friendly.

7. Ottawa

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The most magnificent museums you will find in Ottawa, as well as a famous Parliament Hill. The most beautiful festival in Canada‘s capital city is the Tulip Festival every spring.

Would you like to visit Canada after reading this article?