Noah Cyrus Opens Up About Growing Up In Miley Cyrus’ Shadow

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Noah Cyrus said that being Miley Cyrus’ little sister meant she didn’t have her own identity. The 20-year old musician recently released an EP that describes life in a shadow of her superstar sister.

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Noah is seven years younger than Miley and has also recently opened up about facing body dysmorphia and cruel trolls as she grew up in a famous family. Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental disorder in which a person is preoccupied with an imagined personal defect.

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Speaking to Rebecca Judd on Apple Music, Noah said she was “stripped of her identity” growing up because people would always refer to her as “Miley’s sister”.

“I think when you listen to songs like ‘Young and Sad’, you get the full story of my life. And I obviously can’t go down to every single situation in one song. But I speak about my body dysmorphia and I speak about my struggles growing up as the world saw it as ‘Miley Cyrus’ little sister’. No one would choose to be called somebody else’s little sister and I used this…”.

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Noah continued: “It’s not, ‘I know you, but aren’t you also so and so’s little brother?’ It would be, “Your Miley Cyrus’ little sister. You’re Hannah Montana’s little sister’. It really stripped me of my identity as a little kid. And that’s what it felt like. Because it felt like no one gives a… about me, myself”.

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“They were already so terrible to me on the internet about the way I looked and that was just the way my face is, that God gave me”, Noah concluded.

Noah and Miley are isolating together while working on the release of her new EP called “The End of Everything”.



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