Natalie Negrotti Net Worth 2021- Life of a TV star

Natalie Negrotti Net Worth 2019

Natalie Negrotti is one of the most famous TV people nowadays and she is also famous for having a role in reality TV shows. She became famous for her appearance in the 18th season of the Big Brother and she also had her appearance on The Challenge on MTV. The most curious thing about her is that she declared herself as a pansexual.

Natalie Negrotti Net Worth 2019

Net worth and earnings

It should be mentioned that her net worth at the end of 2019 was 500K USD. It should be also mentioned that she works as the event coordinator and she is thus paid a lot just to organize and coordinate events of various kinds. And this is not all. It should be mentioned that Natalie Negrotti also works as a model. The average earnings of the event coordinator are about $45,784 annually. Her appearances on TV also bring her a lot of money and she has surely chased her appearances in Big Brother and The Challenge.


She is also famous for being a cheerleader in NFL and for the team called New York Jets. She did this due to her love towards dancing. And this is not all. She also used to be a pageant girl since she took part in numerous beauty pageants and this all brought into the world of modeling and model agencies. Natalie Negrotti is very attractive and apart from being beautiful, she is also very attractive.

Natalie Negrotti Net Worth 2019

Social networks

She is very active on social networks and she uses those for self-promotion and for the things she cares about. When Twitter is concerned, she has more than 75K followers and she has more than 250K followers on Instagram.



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