Myths About Private Tuition

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Leading tuition marketplace TutorHouse sets the record straight on common myths about private tuition to help you figure out what’s real and what’s not when it comes to the world of tutoring.

  • Myth: You can only get tuition for “academic” subjects
  • Fact: You can get a tutor for anything!

It’s a common misconception that private tuition is solely reserved for academic subjects. Whilst subjects like Maths, English and the Sciences certainly are the most popular subjects students receive tuition for, there are hundreds of other subjects and skills that students can hire a tutor for.

For example, Tutor House offers coding tutors, Microsoft Office teachers and Photoshop lessons as well as a whole host of other non-academic skills like music lessons, art tutors, public speaking tutors and more!

Interestingly, studies have shown that parents are more likely to spend money on helping their children master extracurricular activities, passions and hobbies than they are to pay for academic tutoring.

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  • Myth: I don’t have time for private tuition
  • Fact: Yes, you do!

Whether you are working a full-time job or are in full-time education, there is at least one hour free a week that you could dedicate to private tuition. Whether you choose to take those lessons online or in-person, regular lessons – even if it is once a week – are the best way to build on your knowledge of a subject or skill.

These days private tuition is flexible and easily accessible. With an online tutor, you can save even more time and money by avoiding travel expenses and learning from home. Even if you can only spare one hour on the weekend, tutoring can fit around your busy schedule to suit your individual needs.

Most tuition sites allow you to select times and dates that suit you and allow you to select tutors that can cater to your unique time constraints.

  • Myth: I’m too old/ or too young to have a private tutor
  • Fact: Tuition is for all ages!

Whilst it’s a given that tuition isn’t best suited to babies, you can start tuition from the age of 5 upwards. Unlike most things in life, there is no age limit on getting lessons with a private tutor. Whether you are looking for a math tutor to help your child with their primary school lesson or you left the education system a long time ago and would like to learn a new skill, there are tutors available to suit everyone no matter their age or skill level!

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  • Myth: It’s difficult to find the right tutor
  • Fact: Online tuition sites make connecting with top quality tutors quick and easy

While traditionally it might have been hard to find a tutor in your area that could cater to your unique requirements, the age of online tuition means it’s now easier than ever to connect with suitable tutors.

Online tuition marketplaces offer you the chance to connect with top-quality tutors from across the world. Learning online in particular means that you can learn with top tutors wherever you are in the country! You can narrow down your search by filtering for your price range, level of study and experience of tutor wanted.

When choosing the right tutor for yourself or your child, make sure you take your time to browse their profile and message or contact them before your paid lesson to get any questions you want to be answered before you progress to booking.

  • Myth: Tuition is too expensive
  • Fact: It doesn’t have to be!

Tuition isn’t always an expensive luxury. There are plenty of tutors available from as little as £15 depending on where you search. Tutoring sites typically correlate tuition cost with tutor experience. Tuition sites like Tutor House offer package deals when you book multiple lessons so it’s always best to plan ahead and book in more lessons than one if you can. Additionally, there are many money-saving discounts and offers available when you look for online tuition.

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  • Myth: Tuition is stressful or boring
  • Fact: Tutoring is far from boring and should never be a stressful experience

If anything you will feel more relaxed and comfortable taking your private lessons in comparison to your regular classes. Your tutor will be friendly, supportive and there to offer you top quality teaching advice and guidance not stress you out!

Students who work with a private tutor often experience less anxiety and stress than those who have not worked with a tutor. Your learning session will be tailored to your unique goals and needs, helping you to overcome any issues you may face in your studies and helping you gain confidence in your own knowledge and abilities.

  • Myth: Private tuition doesn’t work
  • Fact: According to Neuroscience, yes it does!

Whilst you might think that private tuition is just another one of those things people say will help, neurological studies have shown that our brains were made for 1:1 learning. To learn to the best of our ability teaching should be made personal, lessons should be adapted to the needs of the individual student and any issues should be met head on. The public school system can’t cope with offering personalised education to each individual student. Private tuition is therefore one of the only ways to access this type of teaching.

Students who work with private tutors report improved confidence in approaching their studies and often achieve higher grades than they were predicted. Particularly with subjects like Maths or Physics, tutoring has been proven to have an extremely positive impact on grades and student achievement.

Tutors often build really positive relationships with their students, and are able to support them with any questions they may have about their school career – such as where to apply for University or what sort of jobs they could do with a certain subject. Children and teenagers respond well to people they can relate to and therefore work really well with graduate tutors who are closer to their age and have only recently gone through the same educational stages as them.

Myth: Finding a Suitable Online Tutor Is a Hassle

In our connected world, finding the right online tutor isn’t the daunting task it once seemed. Thanks to modern tutoring platforms such as Tutor Hunt, it’s simpler than ever to discover top-notch educators from any corner of the globe. Features like detailed search filters let students zero in on tutors based on subjects, schedules, and more. Before diving in, it’s wise to scan tutor profiles and even chat—a step ensuring the ideal match. This digital shift in education erases borders, letting anyone tap into personalized lessons from home. With the right research and approach, the expansive realm of online tutoring becomes an easily navigated treasure trove for learners everywhere.