Moving Out Of Your Dorm Room – 2024 Freshman Tips

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Every teenager will face this tipping point in his life, where one part of schooling is over and a new chapter of life begins. Like every change, this one can be hard and overwhelming; this is why you will need a good plan to go through this as painless and fast as possible. During the years living in one place, you can and will accumulate a lot of things and you will, as packing, remember all the things that you have faced during this period of life. The list below is there to help you do this in the most effective way there is.

  1. Divide and conquer

Before you start, you will need to come up with a plan of action. This will help you finish faster and pack up everything without any worries you have left something behind. By making a good plan, you will be faster and more thorough in packing and moving your belongings from one place to the other.

With a good game plan, you will successfully balance the move-out and final exams, since it can happen to have a few days to wrap up the exams and move out of the dorm. By starting to pack on time, you will save yourself big stress, and you can use packing activities as a good way to rest between studying sessions.

  1. Clear the walls

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In order to make your dorm room truly yours, you have probably decorated the walls of your room. This can include pictures of your family, pets and favorite bands. If you are part of a sports team, you might have decorated the room in that manner. You can pack them with care in order for you to use them once more next year, or just keep them as a memory. Girls love to decorate their rooms with different accessorize such as big paper flowers and similar. These can be very pretty and should be safely stored in boxes and moved to a different location.

  1. Sort out

During a year of living, you can accumulate a lot of things, some of them can be unnecessary. Moving can be a good way to sort out all of your belongings and select the treasure from trash. There might be some that can be used again, and these you would like to keep. Some, on the other hand, can be recycled or given away. If you have some wardrobe you would like to give away since you are not using them, you can give them to charity and make someone happy as well as get rid of the things you are not using anymore.

  1. Clean out the desk

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Drawers in desks can have so much in them, and most people will just put things into the drawers and forget about them. You can find a lot of things in here, and be prepared to sort them out and throw away all unnecessary things. By placing all into the box, you will have more space on the desk for studying, and plus you can find other forgotten things that may help you wrap up the exams.

  1. Pack the wardrobe

This can be done in a few tries, since you can pack all the clothes that you are not currently using, such as winter clothes, jackets, and boots. Make sure to reorganize the closet, and repack all clothes. While packing, you can give away the pieces that are not being used by you. This will lower down the amount of stuff you will carry with you, as well as make someone in need happy. One of the hacks is to fold the clothes and put the hangers in a box away from the clothes.

  1. Wrap it up

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Once you are getting close to the end of packing, make sure that you have packed everything. A good way to do this is to use boxes and to label everything while packing. Leave the big stuff for the end, such as any electronic devices, sheets, pillows, and blankets. When packing clothes, pack the ones you are not using at the moment first, and slowly add up the stuff into the boxes.

You can do the same with the books, as you have finished with the exam, wrap up the books and notes and pack them into the box. Before leaving the check that you have left everything as clean as possible, and ready for the next person to live there. In some dorms leaving the room messy and filled with garbage can cost you some fees, even if you are not the only person that is living in the room. The last one to leave can be charged if the room is not clean since the cleaning service will need to clean up the room.

  1. Hire professionals

Do not hesitate to call up for the help of a licensed service that can assist you with this move, especially if you are in another city. This will save you some money and make sure that all of your belongings have reached the destination safely and at the same time.

Although you will be tempted to call up for the help of friends, this can be tricky, since you will need to organize many people at the same time. When it comes to logistics and price, it might be easier and cheaper to hire a service to assist you with this. If you are considering this, check out and organize the transport of your belongings fast and safe.


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When moving from one place to the other, there can be some difficulties in making plans and moving the belongings. Be sure to approach this methodologically and with a great sense of detail. Make a good plan of action, and plan the activities in accordance with the obligations with exams.

Be sure to clear out the room, and take away all the stuff from the walls. Declutter the desk and sort out the clothes. You can give away all the stuff you do not need in order to lighten up the luggage. Make sure to hire some professional help to help you more and to make this transition smooth.