Ultimate Guide to Move House in Dubai – COVID Guidelines 2024

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Since people have been spending quite some time in their homes for a while now, a lot of us have understood the need to get the suitable space for their preferences. If you want to rent a place or even buy a new one, shifting to another place in the testing time of COVID-19 should be done in a different way. For instance, there should be more importance on sanitation and hygiene. Therefore, considering this crucial need, we have collected the following tips to make this an easy procedure for you.

Although the new half removal of movement restrictions throughout the country has improved mobility, people are instructed to follow and guarantee the adherence to important preventive and precautionary measures practiced for the COVID-19. The residents who are searching to shift houses are allowed to do so but they still need to adhere to the instructions and step-by-step guide compiled by LuxuryProperty.com

What is social distancing?

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Social distancing is also known as physical distancing. It is one of the most effective defenses against the growth of COVID-19. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: social distancing includes the measures of:

  • Not enter into mass gatherings or crowded places
  • Keep a minimum of 6 feet distance from other people, excluding the ones you live with at home
  • Do not form groups

Restrict close contact with the people outside the home boundaries in order to lower the risk of catching COVID-19. These measures are crucial to practice since the carriers of COVID-19 do not know they have it.

In these pandemic times, home is not only the space where we live, but it has become our working area as well. It is also the place where we teach children now since the schools are closed. This is why we are observing a frequent need for home shifting with people either searching for places having an extra room or private external area. There are also some residents who are searching to downsize.

Irrespective of social distancing measures ordered by the UAE government to eliminate the growth of COVID-19, shifting firms throughout the country are still working with people permitted to come home between the timeframe of 6AM and 8PM, given that they are following the important government instructions. With people still writing questions about the new properties and property transactions still going on in the UAE, check out the below best tips to guarantee a secured and dependable home shifting amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual tour

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Virtual tours are advised due to the present situation, especially if you are already aware of the community you are interested in shifting to and the kind of homes you desire. But if you want to see the houses in real life, it is crucial to be socially familiar with the precautions which you have to follow. Adhere to the instructions of wearing the face mask, storing gloves and keeping physical distance of a minimum two meters away from other people.

If possible, wait for your turn until the present people have seriously moved out of the house you want to observe. Guarantee that it has been sanitized and thoroughly cleaned prior to going. Moreover, reach there in your own vehicle during traveling to and from these properties. In order to set a virtual tour of any of the properties, see their websites online.

Get permission from the property manager

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After selecting the new house, it is crucial for you to talk to both your present and new property management team to ensure if they are permitting tenants to shift. Moreover, if yes, how to get a complete list of their instructions to guarantee a secured and safe transfer between the two houses.

Apply for move in and move out permits

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For all the homes in the UAE, tenants are forced to get a move in and move out permit from their respective community, landlord or building. For these permits to be accepted, there is an obligation to have the written request from the tenant. This written request mentions the time and date of the shifting, their trade license number, the particular vehicle registration of the removal truck which will be utilized and the third party insurance copy. After this information has been given to the new and old property management companies, a grant clearance letter will be obtained. Presently, shifting is allowed between 8AM to 6PM.

Choose a moving and removal company

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Before you choose a company to exercise your shifting, you need to know about the extra steps they are keeping in mind to guarantee social distancing measures. Moreover, you should make sure that they are following the ideal standards of hygiene which are according to the UAE’s authority directives. Enquire about the gloves, masks and any extra protective thing that they will be utilizing while managing the furniture and shifting it to their vehicles for transfer. Similar to all the moves, you should also beforehand agree with the expense. Ask about their number of employees who will be assigned with your shifting and hours of operation.

Registration and cancellation

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Prior to shifting the house, make sure to cancel the present utility connections. Simultaneously, you should apply for new connections too. For instance, DEWA, Ejari, Etisalat and Du all provide new registration or application along with cancellation services online.

Sanitize the new house

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Prior to shifting to the new house, it is way more crucial now than ever, to completely sanitize the place or make a Dubai Municipality approved deep cleaning company to sterilize and disinfect the house. This action is much needed if you want to get rid of the high infection growth.

Wrapping it up

If you are stuck in the similar situation of shifting home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, be aware of the whole legalities and instructions. Moreover, adhere to the needed and advised guidelines to guarantee the security and health of your family in the home shifting procedure.