Most Powerful DC Characters

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DC Characters are often glorified and worshipped as gods. They are quite different from Marvel characters. There are a lot of great superhero stories made about these comic characters and they are fun to read.

Here are some of the most powerful DC characters:

  1. The Presence

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The Presence is the most powerful character in the DC universe since he is the one who created the angels, named Michael and Samael. He is also known as the God of the Covenant and the one who created and made the DC Universe and all that is included along with it. His character is the equivalent of the Abrahamic God from a very old comic. Jerry Siegel and Bernard Bailey are the ones who created this DC character. He does not appear so often in comic books but is being mentioned a lot of times. Other names that refer to The Presence are also Yahweh, The Voice, The Source, Wally, The Hand…

  1. Lucifer Morningstar

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Lucifer Morningstar used to be one of the most beautiful angels and was very respected. When Yahweh created two brothers he showed them how to use their powers in order to create the entire DC Multiverse. One of the brothers turned against Yahweh, after which he changed his name from Samael to Lucifer Morningstar. As a punishment, he was sent to rule over Hell where he was in charge for more than 10 billion years. After a long time, he decided to leave hell and change his life path.

  1. Michael Demiurgos

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Michael Demiurgos is the other brother created by the Yahweh the Almighty. He was gifted Demiurgic Power and had a duty to create the DC Multiverse along with his twin brother Samael. God’s Demiurgic Power that he has are the reason why some consider him the most powerful character in DC comics. Michael is the strongest of  God’s created beings and he has the power to prevent the physical creation of the cosmos.

  1. Spectre

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This character is a version of The Presence, God’s Vengeance. Lucifer was the leader of the rebellion of the angels against God. One of the angels in that group was Raguel/Aztar who decided to repent of his sins. The God took away his memories and he later became the His Wrath incarnation. He is now known as the Spectre and the one who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, the Walls of Jericho as well as the plagues of Egypt. When Yahweh decided to take a human form as Compassion and Redemption he sent Spectre to limbo where he has to wait until the crucifixion. He escaped and was casting vengeance on the man until Michael Demiurgos stopped him. After that day Spectre was turned into a human soul who exists on earth and seeks vengeance.

  1. Elaine Belloc

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Elaine Belloc is the daughter of Archangel Michael who supports her along with his brother Lucifer Morningstar who used to rule the Hell. Michael was the only unsterile angel which is why Sandalphon began experimenting. He created the creature who is able to give birth to angels which is how Elaine was born. Michael was forced to hand over his demiurgic powers to his daughter because he was wounded by Fenris during one of the many battles. If Michael died the demiurgic power would be freed and that would cause all existence to disappear. After Elaine received the powers she started fighting over Lucifer’s and Yahweh’s reins. She manages to merge the two universes Elaine becomes the new God of Creation.

  1. Superman Prime (One Million)

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Superman Prime is a futuristic version of the original Superman. The Man of Steel powers grew after he spent 15,000 years inside Earth’s yellow sun. He had the power to create life and whole universes. DC One Million storyline tells us that the original Superman saw his family and friends die and he did not know how to help them. He was slowed down by his sadness after which he decided to pass his role to Superman Secundus and left the Earth. He returned in the 700th Century after he met a lot of beings and learned some of their powers. He broke through the Source Wall and asked the Source to be his teacher. That way he got to know some of his powers as well. The new Superman returns to Earth to fight for truth and justice. After his battles he returned to Fortress of Solitude which is situated in the centre of the Sun.

  1. Decreator

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According to Abrahamic religions the God created the world with these words: “Let there be Light!” A group of supervillains believe those words cast a shadow which later became known as the Decreator. His purpose is to unmake the world and he can not be stopped. The Doom Patrol manages to slow him down and now he can only deconstruct the world in small pieces that are hard to notice.

  1. The Endless

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The Endless is not just one character, they are a group of seven siblings that present fundamental forces of our world. They are explained as ageless, immortal beings. The Endless characters don’t have names but are famous for their role: Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. Each one of them has their own thoughts and feelings. They are all unique and have different sentences in all the comics.

  1. Mxyzptlk

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Mr. Mxyzptlk comes from the 5th Dimension and reminds of a jester. He can do almost everything he imagines including erasing various beings from existence, but he does not enjoy it. He likes to be amused and decides to challenge Superman. He never uses his full destructive capabilities.

  1. Anti-Monitor

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This character is a unique supervillain from Crisis on Infinite Earths. Anti-Monitor is The Monitor’s counterpart as well as the sole Guardian of The Sinestro Corps. He appeared in a few comics, including two parts of Crisis on Infinite Earths and Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps. He was destroyed in one part but later returned stronger than before.

11. Wonder Woman

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Definitely one of the most powerful women in the universe, Wonder Women gained popularity with the new titular film. She was always adored by the comic book fans, but she won over more hearts since the movie. We will not dwell too much on it as this character is quite familiar to audiences. If you want to know more about her, check out Factinate.