Most Common Car Accident Injuries & How to Avoid Them

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Did you know that there are 6 million car accidents every single year in the USA? It is a huge number and the reason why these accidents happen can be different. For example, a lack of concentration is one of the main reasons why these terrible accidents happen.

People travel for a longer time and they become tired at some moment. Still, they do not want to take a break because that would slow down their arrival in the desired place.

Besides that, you can also find irresponsible drivers. They drive under the influence of alcohol instead of taking a taxi. It is important to avoid doing this because consequences can be bad for you and the other victim.

Anyway, we have noticed that some car accident injuries are constantly happening. We want to analyze them together with you. This may awaken awareness of the importance of drivers driving their vehicles responsibly.

Head Injury

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Well, this is probably the most common injury that happens in car accidents. More precisely, the victims usually have traumatic brain injuries. These injuries can cause many complications in the future. It is important to treat them properly because they can cause some long-term consequences with brain function.

Even if the “damage” is not huge, the victim usually has a problem with sleeping and headaches. If the accident happens, it is important to immediately go to the doctor and check if everything is fine.


Well, for those that do not know, whiplash is a common name for ligament, muscle, and tendon injuries. It is also one of the most common car accident injuries. When a car accident happens, we automatically make some fast moves. Trust us; these moves are faster than you can even imagine. You won’t break bones, but the trauma can strain muscles.

Neck pain can be truly uncomfortable and that’s why you need to cure it properly. According to Dr. Gold Chiropractic, over time or after an accident your neck can lock up and your nerves can become inflamed which causes pain. A chiropractic adjustment can fix the pain caused by that.

Broken Ribs

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This sort of injury is one of those that require a longer period of rest. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common injuries that happen when there is a car accident.

It is not a secret that ribs are fragile. The impact of a car accident on our ribs can be huge. It can happen when you are pushed backward, forwards or sideways. If something like this happens (we hope it won’t), it is important to rest in the right way. Do not try to speed up the “healing process”.

Knee Injury

It doesn’t matter how exactly the injury is going to happen. Your knees will strike the dashboard in every case. Logically, that sort of injury will cause pain to your kneecap and your ligaments. If the car accident was tough, the victim will probably need to go to surgery to rebuild the knees and correct the damage.

Many victims confirmed that knees were the most frustrating car accident injury. The reason for that is simple – it causes walking difficulties even if the damage is not big. Once again we suggest – do not try to speed up the improvement.

Internal Bleeding

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In most cases, car accidents cause cuts in different places on our body. Yet, the healing of these sorts of injuries is usually easy. Still, something that is more dangerous for the victim is internal bleeding. It happened many times that the victim does no treat it quickly after the injury because there are no visible signs. The victim usually thinks he feels pain because of the crash, and that is the biggest mistake that someone can happen.

You must start with medical treatment immediately after the accident. We do not want to be negative, but the consequences of internal bleeding can be huge. If you do that at the right moment, these injuries won’t “turn into” life-threatening ones.

Other Broken Bones

Broken bones are definitely one of the most common car accident injuries. For example, hips, legs, arms, and even shoulders are the bones that usually get injured. Unfortunately, more than one bone can be broken and that could be quite annoying for the victim. Besides that, it can be painful as well.

P.S. Broken bones are common for each type of accidents including side-impact and rear-end crashes. 

Psychological Pain

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We suppose that you think that car accident injuries are usually physical. Still, it can happen that nothing bad has happened to your body, but you are still not feeling well. Logically, we are talking here about – post-traumatic stress disorder.

A car accident is not something you will be able to experience every day. People start to feel stressful when they see a car accident. It is not even necessary to say how the victims feel after they experience one. You might suffer from emotional and mental injuries. Many victims said that they felt good for a couple of days after the accident. Still, after that, they started to feel mental consequences. They became afraid of everything and they started to feel unsure about their driving skills.

Besides post-traumatic disorder, the result of a car accident can also be some other types of psychological injuries. For example, one of the most common is a great deal of guilt. Many people testified that they were had a dream of a car accident many times during life. You don’t have to be guilty for the accident. Many people start to blame themselves for why they were not careful enough. Except that, they start thinking about the things that could potentially happen.

Anyway, visiting a psychiatrist is necessary in both cases. However, it is also recommendable to talk with your beloved ones. Tell them how you feel and which things bother you. Do not stop driving because of the accident. It is enough to be more careful in the future and believe in your skills.

Have you ever been a victim of a car accident? Share your experience with us!