Money Clips vs. Wallets: The 10 Things to Consider when Shopping


One of the things fashion-conscious people know is that fashion and accessories change as time changes. Wallets are among the fashion accessories that are a great example of this. Many decades ago, huge and bulky wallets were in fashion. However, people started going for the slim minimalist ones after they realized the many benefits they offered.

Even though some grandpas and some people resistant to changes are still using the bulky wallets, money clips and minimalist wallets are currently in fashion. To choose between the two – money clips and minimalist wallets – you will need to consider what you need. Some people will want something that allows faster access to money, while others will want to carry many cards each day. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing between the two. For further information also view the complete guide from Kinzd.

Top 5 money clip benefits

Money clips are available in many types and sizes, so finding one to match your needs is easy. Slim and sleek money clip wallets are a perfect choice for business people while the thick and rugged types are ideal for people who would want to carry something sporty and outdoorsy. Nevertheless, when choosing one, you will have to consider your personal preferences. Here are some of the benefits they provide.

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1. Sleek and slim

One big benefit you will enjoy after buying a money clip is related to the sleek and slim design. Due to the slimness, a money clip will fit in almost any pocket and still look great. The time for odd-looking stuffed back pockets is gone. With a slim and sleek money clip, you will also sit on your stack of bills comfortably.

2. Fits into any pocket

As we have stated, a money clip will fit in almost every pocket. After placing it in the front pocket of your pants or coat pocket, you will never worry about a thief or pickpocket snatching it. Depending on the size and design of the money clip, you will be able to maintain a slim profile regardless of what you are carrying.

3. Help reduce clutter

Even though the market offers a wide range of money clip, none of the available styles will offer room for unnecessary items. You can only carry the bills – nothing more. Money clips do not offer room for receipts or cards. That means you will smoothly draw out the note you want without displaying the money clip in public. Money clips are the right choice for people who want to keep their money organized.

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4. Easily accessible

Unlike wallets, money clips allow faster and easier access to cash. After you have arranged your bills in the clip, there will be no need of removing the stack from your pocket, you can draw out the bill you want. Alternatively, you can take the clip out of the pocket and take the bills you want and return the rest. That means you will avoid the embarrassments people face in queues. They are the best for people who carry many bills each day.

5. Customizable

Money clips are different from wallets in that they are customizable. Although manufacturers might use fibre or resin to make them, you can engrave your initials, images, or name if you want. They are also available in many colours. Choose one that will turn heads in crowds.

The benefits of wallets

They have been around for many years. The original wallets were small, but as people gathered more items, they realized that they had to make them big. Huge and bulky ones came with many problems and they were therefore forced to reduce the sizes again. Today, every manufacturer focuses on minimalism. The market provides many styles but you will always get one to match needs. Here are the benefits of wallets that you are unlikely to enjoy with money clips.

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1. Hold many essentials

Speaking of construction, wallets are better than money clips. They will have at least two pockets to hold your cards, IDs and driver’s license. A wallet with many pockets will also hold coins, receives, and access points. In other words, most of your valuable items will be close to you throughout the day.

2. Professional appearance

Money clips are practical when shopping or on Friday night out. However, they look unprofessional during normal working hours. At times, they will draw unnecessary attention. Some people might think that you are trying to prove that you are wealthy when in public.

3. They might be minimalist

The market offers a wide range of wallets and most of them are minimalistic. A minimalist one provides the space you need to carry the necessary items alone and leave anything else at home or office. You can opt for a slim, metal or front pocket wallet if you want to carry only the necessary items and keep your pockets slim.

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4. Available in many styles

Wallets are available in many styles. The manufacturers offer slim, bi-fold, trifold, metal, leather wallets and many other types. If you are an adventurer, a travel or passport wallet might be the best alternative to every other type. No matter your style, you will find something to match your tastes. That is unlikely when shopping for a money clip.

5. Made of various materials

Wallets are made of various materials. The common materials include canvas, leather and metal. Canvas wallets are the lightest. They are also durable and a good choice for adventurers. Leather ones are another classic choice and they will go with almost every outfit. Faux, metal, carbon fibre and many other engineered materials are worth consideration. If you want something to turn heads in crowds, you can opt for designer wallets.

So, which is the best choice?

Both money clips and wallets come with benefits. So, choosing one of the two can be hard for some people. If you are finding it hard to choose between the two, a money clip might be a good choice. Money clip are hybrids between money clips and wallets. A slim wallet featuring a magnetic clip will hold over 20 folded bills and offer adequate space for other essentials, such as cards, IDs, driver’s license and access cards.

Some money clip wallets will come with ID slots but others will come with a big pocket that can hold several unfolded bills. By buying a hybrid of the two, you will appear professional when in crowds and reach your money easily when paying for something. If you are a fashion-oriented person, match your money clip wallet with other accessories such as the belt and shoes. A money clip wallet will provide the benefits of wallets and money clips.