5 Most Frustrating Mistakes Video Gamers Make in 2024

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Mistakes are a part of our life, and sometimes even when we know that we are going the wrong way, we still go it. It is a habit that can be quite tough to get rid of. This is especially true when it comes to playing video games.

Surely, you have a favorite title that you have been playing for years. Now, be honest, how many times did you do the same thing even if you knew that you were going to fail? Yeah, we all have been there. Some gamers are too stubborn to try a new trick, and that is okay. In order to prove to you that you are not alone in this, we are going to discuss the most common mistakes that gamers make.

Judging a book by its cover

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Naturally, we are figuratively speaking here, but it is a fact that many people make this mistake. What are we talking about? If you are an avid gamer, then you are familiar with the world of video games and are well-informed about the new release dates. Plus, you surely know that these can be quite costly, and therefore, you should be smart about making a purchase.

However, this is not always the case. A lot of people buy a new title without exploring it thoroughly. For example, you love the original title and cannot wait for the newest installment to hit the stores. You just assume that you are going to like it and enjoy it as much as the previous ones, but this is necessarily true.

On the other hand, you might decide to pass on a certain game because at first glance it seems boring and unappealing. People make this decision just on the base of a few photos and videos. They don’t take the time to explore it and read online reviews. Every game has special features that might not be advertised, but that still deserve your attention.

Lastly, some games are well-advertised meaning that wherever you turn you see an ad for a title that is about to be released. What’s more, all the other players from your community are excited about it, so you just go ahead and purchase it because you assume that you are going to love it as much as everyone else does.

Choosing the wrong character

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We have all been there, and literally, there isn’t anything that is more frustrating than going with a wrong persona because one can be doomed to fail before even starting the game. This can especially be a problem in competitive sports titles, where each player is created with a certain set of skills. Obviously, you want to go with your favorite one, but sometimes they do not stand a chance against someone from the opposing team.

In addition, this can also be an issue with other games where you have to pass levels based on the ability of the character. Oftentimes, you find yourself needing a special superpower to fight the monster, one that your character doesn’t possess.

Being unrealistic

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This mistake is closely connected to the previous one since gamers oftentimes ignore the specifications of a certain character. Okay, you literally receive all the info before choosing one, so why not think about it? A lot of people believe that their playing skill is more important, and in some cases this is true, but then again, you cannot expect your character to use a sword if he is not designed to.

Also, how many times did you try to overcome a certain obstacle even though you have failed a dozen times before? No, Lara Croft cannot climb that wall or make the jump. No, the grenade is not powerful enough to kill everyone and there is no way you can survive.

See what we are talking about? We have already mentioned that people can be quite stubborn, but after a while, you should admit defeat and come up with a new strategy, because the one you are currently using consists of some flaws.

Not collecting all the rewards

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Even though this mistake might seem a bit ridiculous, it is in fact a common one, and we are certain that you have made it at least once. When it comes to any video game, initial levels are usually super easy and there are multiple rewards that you can collect. Nevertheless, ensuring that you get all of them can take some time because you might have to go back to certain areas.

At this moment, you are probably thinking that you already have more than enough coins or gems, plus you have all the boosts you need and don’t even have the spend any of these. You manage to pass the first 10 or 15 levels, and then you start needing those rewards. Before you realize it, you have spent all of them and have no way of passing a certain level. This is the moment when most people turn to websites like lfcarry, where they can find Season of the worthy boosts that allow them to continue their game without having to go back to the beginning.

Having a panic attack

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Imagine this – you have finally managed to reach a certain level, you have put more than enough time and effort into this, and you are so close to finally destroying your enemy. You know that they are waiting for you around the corner, you are low on supplies, and you cannot afford to make a mistake. You are trying to think of the best way to proceed, your breathing is heavy, your palms are sweating.

What happens next? Something distracts your attention for a single moment and you are killed. That’s it, game over. Yes, we agree that this is the most painful defeat, but you know what you should do? Take a break, calm down, and start over again. However frustrating it seems, you have to be persistent. It might take you another dozen shots, but you will find a way to win and move to the next level.