How to Avoid the Ten Biggest Mistakes People Make in Hiring a Lawyer


A Lawyer is someone practicing law and provides services to the needy one by helping them through the law. Being a lawyer is not an easy process and a job. One has to go through several stages and then finally they become professional lawyers. There are many LLB graduates in the market, working in low pay. But there are few very expert lawyers in the field.

According to Folger Law Firm, people usually slip for a low-cost attorney and then consequences get worse and this is something you shouldn’t do. Here are the ten biggest mistakes people make while hiring a lawyer:

Not making a proper research


People don’t make proper research. They either fall for low rate lawyers or the first lawyer they meet. This shouldn’t be the case. Do not get trapped by sugar candies. This can be related to an example that when you are on house hunting, you don’t go for the first house you’ve seen. The same is the case with a legal agent. Make a list of lawyers. If you have some references, go to them. Make appointments with as many lawyers as possible. Have a word with each lawyer. Discuss the slightest information you know about the case. Then see if you are satisfied with the lawyer or not.

Review the lawyer reputation


Once you have chosen the lawyer, go for its reviews. Ask people about your desired lawyer. See his history. See his ratio of winning and losing cases. Know about this reputation in the market. Pay attention to every detail, even the minor ones. There are some fraud lawyers in the market too. They’ll take the payment and latter refuse to work for you. Sadly, you won’t be able to stand against them, as they are very powerful and officially connected people. If you feel a red flag, either discuss it with a friend or confess it to the lawyer.

Expert in which ground


Every lawyer is adept at different grounds. There are different areas in this field. A lawyer for a contract will be different, a lawyer for divorce cases will be different, a lawyer for property cases will be different and a lawyer for solving criminal cases will be different. A well knows property attorney might not be able to solve criminal cases. Hence while searching a lawyer; you need to see that your chosen lawyer must be an expert in the issue you need to get resolved.



Always remember, you get what you pay for. Often expert lawyers charge a little more than the amateur lawyer. Many people are often blown up by legal services fees. This is because a proficient lawyer is already known for his winning case ratio. His well-earned name is enough to give the other party pressure and anxiety. However, if you are tight on your budget, you can go for local attorneys too. There are some talented and skillful lawyers, who are new in the field but they can turn the situation upside down.  You can judge them by the way they respond to your case.

Myth: The bigger, the better


However, lawyers that are experts in the ground will charge you more but it is not the case every time. At times, the well-known lawyers are not always available to see their clients. They often get rude and don’t allow the client to ask questions. Being a client, you have the right to ask questions if you have any. This helps in removing misconceptions. However, the local or middle size firms are always available to attentively listen to every detail.

Don’t hesitate


A lawyer that can make you win the case can also lead you to lose the case. Do not hesitate in asking questions. Either it is about money or related to strategy. If you don’t feel like agreeing to their terms, you are free to change your lawyer.



Learn to decline offers politely. Just because your friend or a relative is already in the field, doesn’t mean that you need to run to them in every situation. If you know they are not experts in the respective pitch, don’t take the risk with your money and time. As discussed above, a lawyer can be masters in one ground, but he might not know nuances in other areas of the law. Hence go for other options. There are many other lawyers in the market. However, if you are sure that your family or relative lawyer meets all the eligibility criteria and you are comfortable in working with them, then it is okay to hire them.

But in case you don’t want your relative/friend to know about the confidential information related to the case, then it is a bad idea to hire them.

Not meeting lawyer in person


Clients often make a mistake by not meeting the lawyer in person. They tend to make all conversations on the call which can create unfavorable situations at times. Meet your hired lawyer and discuss every single detail with him. The situation at times can get awkward. You need to share the tiniest detail about the incident. That’s why it is important to meet them in person, get comfortable with them, and discuss the scenario with them.

Should avoid lawyers who pressurize for decision


There are often attorneys who pressurize the client for a rapid decision. This is surely a red flag. Lawyers are very sensible and they understand the situation of their client. They never force their clients for a quick decision. They will present their offer in front of you and keep their hands back. This is what authentic and professionals do. If a lawyer is forcing you for an urgent decision, consider it a red flag.

Written Agreement


People who are professionally working into firms and operating businesses will agree to this point. Written agreements are very important. Although only a few people practice this activity, wrong is wrong if everyone is doing it. Whatever agreement is made between you and the attorney should be written and signed by both parties to avoid future conflicts.