Can You Mine More Than One Cryptocurrency At A Time

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Are you a cryptocurrency trader? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss all the information about merged mining.

Some people don’t have any idea if they can mine more than one digital currency simultaneously. This lack of knowledge is not beneficial for traders, especially if someone wants to continue it in the long run. If you don’t know anything about merge mining, you can read this article to understand it precisely.

Cryptocurrencies are now getting popular among investors these days. The primary reason for the same is that anyone can start earning money by buying digital currencies. Also, the process of mining is pretty simple to learn for beginners. The best thing about trading in cryptos is that various websites and platforms offer services to users. They help investors to make better decisions. You can go URL if you are looking for a reliable one.

It is essential to learn the process of mining before investing in digital coins. Otherwise, you won’t be able to gain bitcoins through mining. You might be curious to get all the information about it. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started with it.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

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Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new digital coins by adding blocks to the blockchain network. When a miner successfully adds a block to the blockchain, he gets digital currencies in return. Also, note that there is a limit to adding blocks. After 21 million mined bitcoins, you cannot continue the procedure of mining cryptocurrencies.

One needs an advanced computer to begin mining cryptos. If you have a basic device, you have to upgrade its hardware. A slow system will not be able to provide your digital coins in return. So, you should avoid doing it on a device with no unique features.

How does crypto mining work?

A miner needs to verify the transaction to record it to the network. Once all this gets completed, the miner receives a reward in the form of a virtual currency. Blockchain technology is used for such a type of process. Although it has not been so long since cryptocurrencies came into this world, the blockchain network is still the best.

You might be surprised to know that there is competition between you and other miners. If your computer’s performance is higher than others, you will gain more virtual coins.

Can you mine two cryptocurrencies at the same time?

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The process of mining two different cryptocurrencies simultaneously is known as merged mining. In technical terms, it is called Auxiliary POW(Proof-of-work). Many people don’t know about this type of crypto mining. However, it is getting attention in the eyes of the miners these days.

Two types of chains are involved in this type of cryptomining- an auxiliary chain and a parent chain. You should keep in mind that both chains have the same hashing algorithms. The most famous combination of digital coins is Bitcoin and Namecoin.

What are the characteristics of the combined mining process?

  • The block is compatible for both networks: Miners need to understand that every block developed during the procedure should be consistent with the blockchains. For instance, if you have generated a block to add to the blockchain( Bitcoin and Namecoin), it is adjusted to suit both networks. In this way, you will be able to get more rewards to make massive profits.
  • Top-level hashes get added: When you add a hash in the Merkel tree of the main chain, changes don’t occur. Auxiliary POW ignores the arbitrary data. As a result, the blockchain allows only top-level hashes to get added to it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of merged mining?

It is crucial to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this type of cryptomining to make a better decision.

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  • No need to have another device: If you think you have to buy a new machine, you are wrong. Miners can use the same computer for this type of crypto mining. The same system will be able to generate new blocks simultaneously in two or more blockchains.
  • Computational power and difficulty increases: Another advantage you get from combined crypto mining is more computational power. Also, the difficulty level of solving the mathematical problem increases. As a result, there will be better security among the small blockchain such as Namecoin.
  • Improve your computer’s system: Having advanced equipment for mining is necessary to increase profits. When miners use the same equipment for combined cryptomining, the device’s overall system gets used to it. So, it will help make your device excellent to do the same.
  • Earn more profits: Merged mining involves two separate cryptocurrencies. It means that you need to add blocks for both digital currencies. As you get rewards in the form of virtual coins, you will receive more profits.


  • Modifications are required: Adjustments and changes are needed for the blockchain to ensure effective cryptomining. In the past, these modifications created problems for the investors and miners. So, it might be possible that you have to face some compatibility issues while completing the whole process.
  • Similar blockchains are necessary: As mentioned earlier, merged mining is only possible when both the networks have the same algorithms. Some miners don’t have much knowledge regarding the same. Therefore, it becomes challenging for them even to start the procedure. Researching is essential when it comes to mining.
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What are some of the popular implementations of combined mining?

  • Bitcoin and Namecoin: You might already have heard about this combination if you are an investor. It is the first-ever combination created in the market. Bitcoin is already famous for its high profitability. On the other hand, Namecoin hasn’t reached its peak yet.
  • Dogecoin and Litecoin: Both Dogecoin and Litecoin are gaining popularity in the world. The combination is excellent for investors.

Final Thoughts

Merged mining is a great concept, but only a few people know about it. It still needs to get better with time. We hope this article helped you in getting all the necessary information regarding the same.