Mike Tyson Offered $20M To Fight Again

Image source: Boxing Scene

Mike Tyson is easily one of the most legendary fighters of all time and despite being 53 years old, there is still an appetite for him to come back to fighting. Recently, Tyson has been posting his training videos where he looks like an absolute menace. His punching power is still scary and even today he could do some serious damage.

Image source: The press of atlantic city

Now, Tyson is getting offers from all around the world, to fight again. In fact, he recently received a lucrative offer from David Feldman who is the president of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships. Propelled by Mike’s recent videos, Feldman made him an offer of $20 million guaranteed.

“The excitement the whole world was getting from Mike’s training videos, led us to make him an offer. He’s a legend and it’s just an honor to be able to talk with his team. We will see where things go from here, it will be an honor to work with Mike in any scenario”, Feldman told MMA Fighting.

Image source: USA Today

As of right now, it remains to be seen what he will do next.