Michael Peres’ Israel Now News network rises to be one of 8 biggest Israel support groups on Facebook

Img source: michaelperes.com

A software engineer’s group on Facebook, the Israel Now / Israel Breaking News, is quickly generating thousands of member-followers from various nations, all rallying support for the Jewish state of Israel.

Launched in December 2019 by Michael Peres, an entrepreneur from Canada, the FB community is part of a growing news company –Israel News Now, a non-political and non-partisan American-based broadcasting network covering Israel, the Middle-East and the Jewish world.

Alongside the Israel Now FB community is the website israelnow.news, which provides independent reporting and commentary on a diverse range of Israel, middle-eastern and Jewish news; and the news aggregator site israelnow.app that detects in real-time hundreds of Israeli and middle-eastern news sources and collects the relevant results in one feed.

Peres, who operates a software and marketing company based in Seattle Washington, was able to transform the FB group into one of the top and biggest Israel support groups on Facebook.

Img source: michaelperes.com

In less than three months since the news company was launched, the community has grown to 19,000+ members coming from countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle-East, including those known for anti-Israeli sentiments such as Iran and Pakistan.

Members frequently post interesting facts, news that are taken from various sources, as well as historical and political stories relevant to Israel and the Jewish people. They also exchange opinions and views in the comments section.

Peres, who is popular on various social media platforms as Mikey Peres, said he created the page to gather individuals with similar passion for Israel and Middle Eastern politics.

“As Israel Now went viral, I was surprised to discover that most of those who shared a deep and rooted  sympathy for Israel weren’t even Jewish. Moreover, the most passionate voices came from the least expected corners of the world.” Peres said .

The page is flooded with daily approval requests regarding posts about Israeli science and technology, political news and views, Jewish social issues, and simple statements of support for Israel through photos and videos.

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A Pakistani member who goes by the name of Rehman Butt even posted a video of himself singing Hatikvah, the national anthem of Israel with the flag of Pakistan reflecting in the video screen.

Iranian John Arash Sedigh, who is among the first members of the group, was vocal enough to emphasize his frustration with his country’s Islamic regime for creating hate against Israel.

While he posts statements in support of the Jewish state, he also criticizes his government for instilling hate in the people, especially the children.

“I believe that teaching hatred to children is one of the most shameful crimes against humanity that is taking place in Iran. Children must learn about love, to ensure peace in the world.  Iranians raise their clear voice that the regime does not represent the people of Iran and people actually want them out of Iran,” Sedigh said.

Img source: michaelperes.com

Sedigh also expressed appreciation to platforms like Israel Now, which allows real stories that other Middle Eastern people share about their positive experience interacting with the people of Israel.

“The wonderful humanitarian aids that Israel is providing for needy people, such as helping victims of natural disasters across the globe, providing significant medical assistance for specific disease…People must see and learn about the reality of how this country Israel, is blessing humanity,” Sedigh added.