Men’s Underwear: What’s Sexy to Wear?

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Living in the modern age entails having a fast lifestyle but also embracing differences more than ever before and getting rid of stereotypes. In the past, when one would mention the words sexy and underwear together, it was usually associated with women. However, today, the ever-evolving fashion is straightforward and people are much more open, meaning that these two words can now be associated with men as well.

And while it might be true that women love to experiment more and are bolder when it comes to clothing and style, men might still want to try something new as well. Although it might not happen overnight, trying out a new style can start with something simple like underwear for example.

Today, there are many different types, designs, and quality of underwear, so if you are looking for something different but are unsure what it is or what the best type for you would be, here are some of the best undergarments you can choose from.

  1. Briefs

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Probably one of the most popular types for men, briefs offer complete comfort and come in a variety of designs, styles, and rises. They usually come with an elastic waistband and offer maximum coverage, great support, and a neat fit. Due to their design, they are great for men with larger thighs.

Low rise briefs are perfect for shorts or low waist jeans and will actually enhance your package. Mid waist ones are great for everyday wear or formal occasions while full rise ones are optimal for giving you a smooth stomach and also for hiding love handles.

However, if you are planning on exercising in them, you should opt for moisture-wicking briefs that will eliminate any discomfort or extreme sweating thanks to the amazing moisture absorbing technology.

  1. Boxer Briefs

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A mix between boxers and briefs, this type will provide full support and coverage offering you the best of both worlds. They are great for workouts, exercising, or playing sports and will prevent chaffing. Just make sure to choose a breathable material such as cotton or bamboo viscose. You can visit if you are interested to learn more about this.

  1. Thongs

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This is a sensual choice for those who would like to spice things up. These types feature a pouch in the front and a string waistband which leaves your backside bare. You can wear them whenever you please and they can be extremely comfortable as long as you choose the right size and fit. One can opt for a G-String that offers the least coverage or go for the wider T-Shape for more coverage in the front.

  1. C-String

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Now, if you are looking to really take things to the next level, the C-String is a perfect choice. This sensual tool exposes your back due to the built-in C-ring but also does very little to hide the front, leaving very little to the imagination. One might consider pairing it with a gay harness to take the evening to whole new heights.

  1. Tanga

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Unlike a thong which only has a string for your backside, a tanga is a type of men’s underwear brief that offers a lot more coverage in the back. The front and back are also typically connected with fabric bands around the waist.

Things to Consider When Buying

Sure, there are types of undergarments that are a little more risque than others. However, you can feel great no matter what you choose as long as it is the right fit for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the best type.

  1. Size

Manufacturers typically make a standard-sized waist and it greatly varies between companies. The best thing to do is buying only one and trying it before purchasing more to ensure they are the right fit. However, generally, these measurements entail sizes such as small for a waist size of 28 to 30 inches, medium for a 32-inch to 34-inch waist while large sizes are perfect for 36 to 38 inches.

  1. Fabric

There are so many materials used in manufacturing and picking the right one truly depends on your preference. Still, keep in mind your comfort and the breathability of the undergarments.

Cotton – Cotton is hypoallergenic, extremely soft, and breathable too. This is the go-to material for many and it is a basic one for them as well. However, cotton undergarments might not be optimal for exercising since they absorb moisture really quickly.

Polyester – This material is stretchy allowing more flexibility and also cooling do to the moisture-wicking technology. It is also really thin and usually mixed with other fabrics.

Mesh  – Men’s mesh underwear is extremely airy and light. Some companies even offer a heat-sensitive material which uses a technology designed to help spread the body’s heat properly and evenly, leaving your pants nice and cool in the process

Silk – It is a material that is always considered soft and luxurious. Slipping on some silky boxers will definitely make you feel sexy and greatly boost your self-confidence.

  1. Comfort

Comfort does not only mean that they are suitable in size and fit but also how wearing these undergarments makes you feel. Consider how much skin you are willing to show and which pair makes your bulge look amazing. Try to find undergarments that match your skin tone but do not go for something too simple or over-the-top colorful to avoid seeming boring or crazy.

  1. The Quality

Since it goes against your bare skin and on a sensitive part, undergarments should always be chosen carefully. Quality products will offer ventilation and will also stretch well, so try to check for such points whenever you remember.


Do not be afraid to experiment and try on a pair of underwear you have never thought of putting on before since you will be the only one to know you are wearing them. Regardless, always remember to choose ones that are comfortable and make you feel good about yourself, after all, your partner will probably find nothing sexier than the self-confidence you have while wearing a great undergarment of your choice.