Meggings Or Shorts – Which Is Your Favorite For Regular Exercise?


What you wear while you exercise significantly impacts your workout experience—aspects like fabric and fit influence your performance level and your drive to exercise.

Some might consider this nonsense; however, there is a reason why professional athletes stress so much about what they are wearing. It does not matter if you’re a trained professional with years of training experience or a rookie at the gym; prioritizing your workout attire makes a world of difference.

This is where Matador Meggings steps in. Meggings and shorts are here to optimize and enhance your regular workout routine by introducing the world to high-performance athleisure wear for men. Before getting into the details of choosing meggings or shorts, here is all you need to know about the future of athleisure wear.

What are meggings?

Meggings are leggings  specifically designed for men that offer better comfort, durability, style, and performance. They can be looked at as more functional and optimized leggings for men.

What makes meggings marvelous?


Meggings have been specifically designed to redefine how people look at compression tights. They have been constructed to perfectly align with the male anatomy and other qualities mentioned below.


Functional Aspects

– Zipper pocket to keep your valuables safe.

– Open pocket for your phone.

– Towel/ shirt loop at the back to keep your    hands free

– Higher back rise to keep crack accidents at bay

Enhanced Comfort – Made using sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and odor free for long periods.

– Made using premium silky smooth fabric consisting of 80% polyester and 20% Lycra.

– Featherweight and offer a four-way stretch

Durability Factors Specifically crafted using multiple layers of flatlock stitching that makes meggings capable of withstanding conditions, like extreme heat or extreme cold, pool water, seawater, etc.
Additional Benefits – All meggings have a removable soft modesty cup that hides your visible penis line. This is referred to as the no VPL technology

– Available in various bold and colorful prints and designs that make meggings suit your every mood.

Things You Need to Know About Meggings and Shorts

If both are crafted using the same material and offer similar benefits is it simply a fashion choice to choose one over the other?

Meggings and shorts by Matadors both are classified under the category of compression pants. Understanding the benefits of compression tights will help you make more informed choices while picking out the right workout apparel.

Before selecting meggings over shorts or vice versa, let us look at the advantages of compression tights to better understand how they help elevate performance during workouts.

It’s important to point out that these benefits apply to both meggings and shorts.

Elevated Performance


Compression tights can help elevate your performance, especially while doing high-impact runs. Athletes have pointed out that compression tights tend to make them feel lighter and faster while running in them. They also help avoid deep vein thrombosis or DVT.

Increase Circulation While Boosting Recovery

Wearing compression tights while working out helps disperse lymphatic fluid while removing lactic acid from muscles. While increasing circulation, compression tights help stimulate good muscle movements. Increased efficiency of forces helps boost recovery rates.

Increased Oxygenation

Compression tights help athletes avoid muscle fatigue leading to injuries by stimulating blood flow to muscles which enriches them with more oxygen.

There are several other advantages to wearing compression tights in the form of leggings or shorts. However, it is important to point out one key difference between these two pieces of high-quality athleisure wear.

How Are Meggings Different from Shorts?

Compression tights are especially beneficial for seniors or any individual experiencing  swollen legs or ankles, nerve pain, or circulation issues. Shorts however, owing to their length cannot offer this benefit beyond the thighs.

Meggings offer more balance than compression shorts. Stimulating sensory receptors in your body continuously, meggings boost your proprioceptive function (your ability to balance), by heightening your sense of awareness.

Shorts offer more comfort for those who are looking to keep their legs bare in the heat of summer. It is also a matter of preference for hikers, bikers, or sports enthusiasts.

Realistically speaking, meggings and shorts do not have a tremendous amount of differences between them considering the fact that they are made using the same material and also for similar purposes. According to Valentine Aseyo,

“Meggings and shorts share similarities and have been constructed to offer men a choice to dress as they please in accordance to their mood and attitude”

Regardless of what you choose to wear, there is no compromise on functionality, comfort, or style. Speaking of style, these meggings are built to liberate men from the clutches of boring pants.

Meggings and Shorts for All Occasions


For generations, men’s fashion has seen stagnation with conformity to age old norms to what kind of clothing defines what is a man. Standing in the 21st century, the idea of masculinity has altered, with men also showcasing a more radiant side to them.

Drawing inspiration from the Matadors of yore, meggings highlight the notion that even the most macho activity can be undertaken with a hint of grace. While there might be  functional differences between meggings and shorts, they have been constructed to be identical holistically to grant an opportunity to men to freely express themselves in the way they are most comfortable.

Not suited for specific body types, meggings and shorts are for all. It is a new way for men to express themselves and free themselves from the clutches of boring pants. Why should men not have the opportunity to wear their emotions and reflect specific moods through their attire. Don’t hesitate to rock your meggings with a blazer or go hiking in your shorts. The choice is completely yours and that is the core idea behind creating meggings.

It’s the dawn of a new era and Valentine Aseyo is one of the forerunners towards enabling men to showcase their unique personalities through meggings and shorts. The range and versatility of the entire meggings and shorts collection is immense and there is a color to catch your mood.

Yes, meggings and shorts do offer an enhanced workout experience, however restricting to the gym is like wearing your kicks only on runs. Whether it’s a party, a festival, or a simple catch-up with friends, look your absolute best in your favorite pair of meggings.

Visit their website today to check out the entire collection of meggings and short to select your favorite designs and prints. Make meggings and shorts a part of your daily wear and highlight your mood through what you wear.