Is Meditation Enough when Seeking Peace of Mind?

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Meditation is one of the best ways to find your inner self and achieve complete peace of mind. However, even though it is one of the best ways, it does not mean that it is the only way.

In short, we think that, for some people, meditation alone might not be enough for them to re-find themselves and achieve inner calm. Some simply cannot focus when they have to stand still and meditate, which ruins their attempt.

Therefore, let’s see what other things one might try to complement meditation and achieve peace of mind!

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The Basics

In the following lines, we’ll introduce you to some of the things that you can do at the same time while you meditate, before, or after.

On top of that, keep in mind that they are not meant to be done alone, and it would be much better if you could come up with a routine that included every single one of them. Meditation is, as you might know, composed of more than a single breathing exercise. What you see in movies or TV shows is only one part of the entire process and, even though it’s essential, one mustn’t think that it alone can bring them peace of mind or stress relief.

The next techniques, so to say, are complementary to pure meditation and relaxation. At the same time, each of them can be done individually, whenever you feel like it. The key is to engage in every activity in the correct manner and with a clear mind!

Deep Breathing

This should be done while meditating as it enhances our power of focus and allows for easier, more efficient meditation. What’s the best way to deep-breathe?

While focusing on your diaphragm, heartbeat, and lungs, take around five long, deep breaths. For some, this is the key to instant relaxation. More comprehensive exercises include deep breathing sessions of three minutes or more.

Those that feel the grasp of anxiety over them can engage in breathing exercises before falling asleep. Breathing in and out for three seconds each time while paying close attention to your heartbeat is said to improve self-awareness and also relieve anxiety, allowing for better sleep. This is ideal for when evening thoughts don’t leave you alone, so to speak.

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Out in Nature

If possible, you should meditate surrounded by nature – wind, leaves, trees, grass, and the chirp of birds. Depending on what type of person you are, you might enjoy even the sounds of the urban jungle – whatever suits you!

Background sounds, believe it or not, push us towards our inner selves as we try to slowly drift away from the exterior. If you focus for long enough on a bird’s song, it will soon become one with the background and implemented in your inner peace.

However, if a natural environment is out of reach, you could go one step further and create one in your home or balcony. Some people even have sand rings that they meditate in, which are surrounded by plants and various vegetation. You could dedicate a room’s corner to meditation only and create a half-green sanctuary, so to say, in it.

Essential Oils and Edibles

Oils, scents, aromas, and edibles can be a great way to improve your meditation sessions. Just as with nature or breathing, they will become one with you, a thing that will further relax your body.

When it comes to edibles, you can research and see more benefits of various natural edible products or CBD oils and tinctures. They are known to relax the muscles and relieve stress – which is just what you need to meditate better.

Don’t underestimate the power of edibles! While some of you might be against this type of product, they are known to drastically improve mood, relieve stress, as well as manage anxiety in depression. In short, they are one of today’s best choices when it comes to 100% natural anxiety relief and achieving peace of mind.

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Finally, self-love is the key to peace of mind – and all the above will help you towards achieving self-love.

This is a state of mind that you should etch in your brain before starting your meditation session. If you start from a hint of self-love and meditate on this subject, you will eventually end up not needing meditation to relax and experience wellness.

Self-love means leaving anything that bothers you personally on your doorstep. Naturally, it also means acknowledging that you are the most beautiful person in your world and that nothing should vex you – ever! In fact, self-love alone, in most cases, can help you reach peace of mind, at least partially. It is, after all, one of the most essential elements of a happy and healthy life.

Family Support

Obviously, your spouse or family shouldn’t mock you for taking up meditation. In fact, they should start meditating as well, considering its benefits. What we mean here is that you should make your family understand that you do this for yourself and not for anyone else.

With a supportive family and maybe with a couple of group meditation sessions, you’ll contribute to both self-love and to the feeling of peace of mind that you’re looking for. After all, support from our loved ones is sometimes all we need to make our day better and our lives easier!

Naturally, we don’t even have to mention that family support is the best cure for minor anxiety and/or depression. If the latter are stopping you from reaching peace of mind, then reach out to your family first!

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The Bottom Line

If meditation is not enough for you to find peace of mind, then maybe you do not have all the required attachments for it. Simple meditation might not be enough for those with extremely busy lives and such.

In these cases, adding more relaxation mediums to the picture can significantly change the outcome! Luckily, what we mentioned above is only a part of all the things that you can do during or besides meditation. For some people, even personal habits or pet peeves, if we may say so, could help them meditate better and achieve peace of mind faster and easier.