The Influence of Media and Technology on Romantic Relationships

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If you’re single, have you ever been tempted to try online dating? Perhaps you’ve already signed up to an app, and regularly access your account to check if any exciting-looking members have messaged you? You might be deciding which particular dating site would be most suitable – after all, there are so many to choose from.

When some entrepreneurs had a lightbulb moment about merging romance with the Internet back in the 1990s, it’s doubtful they could have foreseen how this popular this would become. The industry now turns over billions of dollars. The main reason this form of matchmaking has taken off is down to technology. While websites across the board have traditionally harnessed technological innovations, dating sites have been particularly responsive. Here are some of the many ways media and technology have influenced how people date.

Giving power to users

What dating sites are designed to do is place the onus on achieving success on the customer. Signing up to for example instantly places the member at the foremost of their aspirations. You can either go with any shortlist suggested by this website, based on members living within a certain mile radius, for instance, or you can choose to browse through the other profiles, keeping your eyes peeled for profile photographs that cause your heart to skip, or descriptions revealing interests you share.

If a particular individual seems to be pestering you, when you would rather be exchanging messages or banter with a cross-section of the other users rather than homing in on someone at such an early stage, you can simply block them. The pace with which you proceed to check out the other members, either choosing to get in touch or moving on to the next profile, is totally up to you. So newcomers prefer to dabble in Internet dating, using it to complement their offline socializing. Others opt to make this more of a regular outing, accessing their dating account whenever they have spare moments.

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Choice of partner

Just as every individual will have particular preferences there are numerous dating outlets catering to all these different aspirations. If you’re new to Internet dating and looking for a relationship, many sites will provide you with an excellent introduction to digital matchmaking, providing reviews of a cross-section of sites, rated according to the service they offer, how well designed they are, and how the fees they charge for premium-rate access to special features compare to similar websites. This information is a useful snapshot of the diverse range of dating resources that are out there, waiting to be accessed.

Meeting suitable individuals

So how do these websites harness technology to provide their site users with the tools to contact appropriate candidates for a romantic relationship? It can be down to a lot of factors, but basic site design provides a lot of this type of functionality. It’s common for newcomers to a site to be confronted by many useful shortcuts to enable them to get off to a flying start when they are seeking someone compatible.

Functions such as the ability to send ‘winks’ or to add a ‘like’ to another user’s page can get the ball rolling, intimating the message that you are attracted to someone, without necessitating the need for lengthy introductory texts. All you have to do is send one of these subtle hints, then sit back and await a response from the person you are attracted to. If your attention is reciprocated, you’re good to go and can begin exchanging more intimate direct messages.

Guide to Online Dating
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Dating without frontiers

Once upon a time, as explained by Galbraith Therapy, singles looking for a romantic connection would rely on hanging out in social clubs or visiting popular bars or nightclubs, where the scope of romantic partnerships they could embark on was restricted to the other punters who happened to be sharing that location. Dating sites have opened doors to a whole new dimension of possibilities.

Most dating sites attract international attention, meaning members can interact with other site users from practically anywhere on the planet. With the advent of translation software that can help conversations to take place in real-time, there aren’t any obstacles towards making acquaintances with potential partners who might hail from thousands of miles away. As you spend time building a rapport, you might get around to suggesting hooking up with a prospective partner for a face-to-face encounter.

The wonder of algorithms

Sophisticated software operating behind the scenes in dating services will suggest other site users who would be most appropriate for a relationship. The technology behind this is quite straightforward – it’s all about making instant comparisons by using computer programs. Everyone who signs up to a dating outlet will be invited to complete an online registration form, and then compile a personal profile page. Systems can analyze these basic details, then flag up any preferences you have in common with the information that has been provided during previous applications.

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Artificial intelligence

These algorithms are becoming ever more finely-tuned in their potency. As well as making suggestions about who you might be most suited to, they can pay close attention to your activity when you are active on a site. The pages you visit and your general interaction can present a telling portrait of what you’re looking for in a relationship. The longer you spend on a site, and the more detailed these activities become, the more proactive the website can be.

For instance, it could be that you and someone you are regularly communicating with are always showing an interest in a particular type of cuisine. Eventually, the programs will go so much further than just suggesting who might be a potential love interest for you. You might begin receiving messages suggesting the perfect location for your first date. Further, in the future, the website might even provide a platform for you to book somewhere for your liaison.