Tips for Understanding the Meaning Behind Religious Jewelry

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In many religions, people use symbols and objects to help them draw closer to what they believe, whether they are saints or gods. Very often in their prayers to saints and gods they use various statues, icons, or small pieces of jewelry with pendants that have different symbols of the same. They do this for one reason only, and that is to have their prayers heard.

We often hear stories from the past, like many years ago, thousands of years ago, when people even gave their valuables to the gods and saints to thank them for everything they gave them. So they donated items made of gold, jewelry, and precious stones to express their gratitude to the gods. This was a way for ordinary mortals to express their faith and reverence for the gods and to thank them for all the prayers they had heard.

Some of these customs, however, are still practiced today. People maintain their faith by going to church where they light a candle and offer gifts to saints, pray in front of statues and icons in their home, and say prayers during the day, holding a piece of jewelry or a pendant.

Today we will talk a little more on religious jewelry, and if you are not an overly religious person, we will help you understand the essence behind wearing this type of jewelry. So stay with us until the very end, to find out why people practice wearing religious jewelry and what is the symbolism behind all this.

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We can see that even today religious people still have the custom of wearing jewelry with the symbol of the religion in which they believe. So jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings like the ones from StoryJewellery are engraved or has a pendant with a religious symbol. One of the most worn pendants is the cross that many people wear. However, in many people, we can also see pendants with other signs. For example, in Judaism, bracelets or necklaces are worn with the star of David, in Islam, we can see a star and a crescent on jewelry, in Buddhism, the Dharma wheel and many others are popular as pendants.

But why is this silver or gold jewelry with symbols part of them, what is the meaning behind this?

People wear these silver and gold pieces which are often coated with zircons or precious stones for several reasons.

First, to present their faith and spirituality. Handmade jewelry often shows their faith in religion, in the people around them, or the world. Wearing this jewelry can often reveal to us what kind of person wears the jewelry. Is it a person who wants to help other people, a good person or a friend, someone you can trust and when you ask for help you will surely get it. These are people who, through prayer, thank the saints and the gods for everything they have in life and pray that other people will receive the same.

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Second, these pendants are often blessed by the clergy. Especially in Christianity, believers before taking the jewelry, they will take it to a church where priests or clergy consecrate or bless the jewelry. It is believed that after this ritual, jewelry can bring a lot of health and prosperity to the wearer. The church also offers believers the opportunity to buy jewelry that has already been previously consecrated and blessed. These bracelets and necklaces have the cross as a symbol or have a small pendant with the image of Jesus or other saints.

And thirdly, and no less important, wearing such pieces of jewelry can be a way to present creativity and personality. These handmade pieces of gold or silver can be a great way for a person to express themselves. They can show their fashion taste and show how best to complete a necklace with a cross with the rest of the outfit.

You have probably noticed in fashion magazines how some models from the world catwalks wear these pieces of religious jewelry. And not only in magazines but also on the catwalks, designers often know how to fit this jewelry perfectly with the show and to delight the audience and all those who are present and follow the event.

I hope you now have a little better understanding of the symbolism of wearing religious jewelry. You may not belong to any religion and do not believe in it, but you can still choose to wear religious jewelry to accentuate your fashion sense. There are many big names in the fashion world who decided on the same check and wanted to beautify the outfit with a piece of jewelry that will have some religious sign on it. And I can tell you that they succeeded in their idea because this piece of silver or gold fits perfectly into all fashion styles.

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People will notice your spirituality and love for the religion you belong to. Others will recognize this and appreciate the way you respect your religion. So do not be ashamed to send your message to the world and express your beliefs to the world.