A Complete Guide to Know About Mattress Cleaning Services in 2024

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A bed is one of the places where we spend a lot of time. Whether it is sleeping, sitting or reading with your laptop for several hours or even eating, a comfortable mattress is what everyone looks for!! To keep your mattress in the best condition, you need to regularly clean it.

Mattress cleaning involves different types of treatment. If you feel that you lack time or adequate skill, then you can even hire the services of a professional mattress cleaning service. They use scientific methods and tools to perform the service in the most effective way for its users.

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Importance of a mattress in sleep

The key to good night sleep is to buy the best mattress. It can impact the quality of your sleep. If it is very lumpy, soft or hard, then it will keep you up throughout the night to get the right comfort. There are several kinds of mattresses, such as foam, pillow, adjustable, innerspring, airbeds and waterbeds. Each of these types has its own distinctive attributes that assure better and comfortable sleep, and the most important is to find the one which fits you the best. Check here for some of the choices.

What can happen if you don’t clean your mattress regularly?

Poor cleaning of the mattress can lead to dust mites in it. These are very tiny nearly invisible creatures that spread especially in dirty mattresses. Wherever they find dirt, they start to reproduce there very quickly. This leads to causing diseases such as asthma, eczema and several other weird forms of allergies.

An average mattress may contain 1.4 kgs of dead and hard skin flakes. It may get stains of tea, food items, etc. that can make it dirty. Therefore, it requires to be regularly cleaned by professional cleaning services.

Important questions related to mattress cleaning process

Mattress cleaning involves several different processes. Some of them are as follows:

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  • Vacuuming from all 6 sides to eliminate dust thoroughly.
  • Steam cleaning is performed at 135°C, at 3 bar pressure using a German high-quality machine. To operate this machine, a clean microfiber cloth is tied at the rear end of the steamer. This results in no direct application of heat on the mattress. Slow and through sweeps lead to the maximum percentage of destruction of germs with the heat.

How much time does it take for the entire cleaning process to execute?

It takes around twenty minutes to half an hour to complete the cleaning task.

Does the cleaning procedure make the mattress wet?

No, your mattress won’t get wet due to the cleaning processes. It will remain moist due to the steam, but just for fifteen minutes.

What kind of mattresses are cleaned?

All types of fabric-based mattresses are cleaned by professional cleaning services.

What should be the ideal frequency to sanitize your mattress?

It needs to be professionally and thoroughly cleaned once in a month

Does the mattress change its shape?

A lot of people have this question whether cleaning would make their mattress to flatten. As in place of water, heat of steam is used for the cleaning process, it won’t change its shape.

How effective is the cleaning method to remove the stains?

Removal of stains is one of the objectives of mattress cleaning methods. Professional cleaners sanitize and deeply cleans it. The entire procedure is carried out in a safe and hygienic way.

How am I charged for mattress cleaning?

The charges for mattress cleaning depend on the type of the mattress i.e., either a single bed or a double bed one. Also, it depends on the extent of cleaning required to be performed. If you are bringing it for cleaning for the first time, then it will cost you more.

Ways to clean a mattress

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  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your mattress

A vacuum cleaner is a very important device that can help in keeping your mattress clean. It helps in reducing dust significantly. It takes good care of dust mites and several other types of foreign matter that may lead to health hazards. Check whether the vacuum cleaner, especially the brush and nozzle attachments, are clean. You can use it to remove dust from your upholstery and mattress.

  • Use of Bicarbonate of Soda on the mattress

Use baking soda or “bicarbonate of soda” on the mattress for cleaning and deodorizing purposes. It is a white colored crystalline powder that gives your mattress a fresh look.  If you don’t like the smell, then you can even use essential oils. Soak it in baking soda for half an hour to absorb odors. You can use 6-10 drops of this oil in water to enjoy a clean and fresh mattress throughout the day.

Following are the types of essential oils that you can use for fragrance and disinfecting property:

  • cinnamon
  • clove
  • lemongrass
  • tea tree
  • thyme
  • peppermint
  • eucalyptus
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Don’t let your mattress come in presence of moisture

You need to keep your mattress completely away from moisture. This is because it then takes a long time for a mattress to get properly dried. A little bit of moisture that remains on it invites mites, bacteria and mildew. You can even take professional assistance to steam clean your mattress but ensure that it is completely dry.

Use mattress protector

It is made to be waterproof so that it gives a breathable barrier. Prior to buying the mattress you must check its fabric. Find out whether it has a comfortable feeling as it is very important to have a good night sleep.

Seek assistance of professionals

You need to seek assistance from professional mattress cleaners if you find that you lack the necessary skills or if you are not content with your own efforts. DIY cleaning won’t give the results that you would get from a specialized firm. These cleaning firms use the most specialized and latest equipment, cleaning solutions and scientific methods to clear all germs effectively from the mattress.

Though it takes only fifteen minutes to dry your mattress, it may need some time in performing steam cleaning. Professional mattress cleaning services need to be done two times a year to ensure the best health of your family members.

Tips to clean your mattress at home

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Clean a mattress

Change or wash your bed sheet on a regular basis. Try to clean them every week. Ideal temperature to wash your bed linens in water is 130°. This is adequate to destroy bed bugs and dust mites that got trapped inside the sheets.

Clean sheets are not just more comfortable to sleep in, but also smells better. It helps in preventing dead skin from getting deposited onto your mattress. Dead skin is the most preferred meal for dust mites. So, it is important that you keep this residue to a minimum. It will lower the dust mite population too.

Methods to clean set-in stains:

Liquid stains:

  • Make a solution of three tablespoons of baking soda in around eight oz. of hydrogen peroxide. Now add 1 or 2 drops of liquid dish cleaning detergent into it.
  • Take some solution and dab it over the stain without saturating the mattress. Let your mattress dry. If you see that the stain still persists, then follow below steps.
  • Form a dry foam by whisking together three tablespoons of powdered laundry detergent with one tablespoon water.
  • Now remove the paste from the mattress using a spoon or a butter knife.
  • Vacuum the left-over dried paste.

Blood stains:

  • Make a paste by mixing one-fourth cup of hydrogen peroxide, one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and one tablespoon of table salt.
  • Now evenly spread the paste all over the stain. Leave it to dry.
  • Remove dried paste from the mattress.
  • If you find any amount of stain on the mattress, then dab it using a white rag soaked in hydrogen peroxide.


There are so many benefits of getting professional cleaning of your mattress. Not just it improves the look of your house but also provides a hygienic place for your family members to sleep.  Regular cleaning of the mattress also improves the lifespan of it.