How to Choose The Right Material For Your Interior Doors – 2024 Guide

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Doing home renovations can be a fun challenge, but it can also be quite stressful! A lot of people don’t know which materials to use in some cases and when doing home-decor. Plenty of people don’t know which are the best materials for your interior doors.

Sometimes, you can feel overwhelmed with loads of different kinds that are available on the market. However, if you want to take care of your interior and you’re trying to spice up your home, as well as improve some features, keep on reading! Here, we will discuss how to choose the best material and style for your home!

  • Q: How to select the best interior style?
  • A: Know your style!

Pick a style that suits you, and that meets your requirements. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What room is this for?
  2. Does it match my floor?
  3. What style am I going for? has an amazing online catalog that you can easily browse through, and find your perfect model! They also have interior doors that will easily match your wooden windows, hardware, as well as floors, and exterior furniture.

  • Q: At which direction will it swing?
  • A: Before getting to different kinds of materials, ask yourself about hinge placements. Do you want your doors to swing towards you or out to the next room? Determine these little features before you get to some bigger questions.

Top 5 Different Kinds Of Interior Door Materials

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  1. You can go for solid wood

Solid wood is one of the most popular and common go-to door kinds on the market. On the other hand, this is also a pricey solution that can be quite damaging to your bank account. Solid wood has loads of grain patterns, and these will look luxurious and extravagant in most homes. People love them since they are the best at blocking the noise, and they might come in handy if you are parents who want to rest from their kids every once in a while.

The only downside to them? Solid wood can change its texture and can lose its original state over time based on humidity changes.

  1. Why not try MDF?

MDF stands for medium-density fiberboard, which is quite budget-friendly when compared to some other kinds that are available on the market. These doors and this material look a lot like your solid wood, but they are an engineered wood model that won’t warp like actual wood. People love these kinds since they are so easy to set-up, purchase, as well as paint over! If you are someone who loves to color and try out new techniques every here and there, you will like this material and their versatility.

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  1. There is hollow-core as well

A budget-friendly solution has to be the hollow core since it is made with

plywood. Although not an actual solid wood, they look beautiful once purchased and placed at your home. People love them since they have a hollow interior. Because of this little trick, this kind automatically gets lighter, and it can pass through a lot more sounds (which you may dislike if you live in a crowded home). However, they are quite practical and will suit most homes, but they are the most common go-to for people who want something for their bathroom or kitchen pantry door.

  1. What about solid core?

The solid core is made in the same way as the hollow core, which means that they have a hollow interior hint to their doors. This kind is also filled with wood fiber blend, and it is considered as an engineered kind. You will love this model if you need a bit more noise isolation and temperature control without investing in some pricey solid woods. Just let its core be solid, and enjoy this sturdy material!

  1. Try out glass kinds

Last, but not least, you might enjoy glass doors if you are into that open-concept. Glass models are usually made with metal frame and some glass items or panes in the middle. You can also get yourself a full-glass style, but they are often frameless, and a bit pricey as well as tricky to install. If you are someone who demands and prefers a lot of light at their home (and especially if you love to read or you have loads of plants) you will love this material!

Top 5 Different Kinds Of Door Construction Types

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  1. You can go for barn style

The name itself is self-explanatory. These doors have slats that are put and linked in one piece. If you are someone who likes that old-school and rustic vibe, you will enjoy this style, especially in your living room.

  1. There are also the sliding kinds

Sliding doors are very popular in Asia, and people love them since they swing-open, which is super practical! You can easily move them because of their gliding motion + you will enjoy them for most rooms in your home.

  1. Why not try out folding doors?

Folding kinds are great for smaller homes or people who have limited space in certain areas. These bi-folding doors will come in handy for kids’ rooms.

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  1. Try out the French design

French doors are beautiful, extravagant, as well as unique, and timeless! These models open just in the middle, and they easily create a grandiose entrance into your room (preferably bedroom).

  1. Pocket doors

Pocket designs are a bit unusual yet practical since they help you save some space. The concept is that the door is placed and built to the wall which is next to it. This way your door will easily slide and move in one direction. Yet again, these are perfect for smaller rooms!

Ready to enjoy your new model?

So, which door style is your favorite, and which material seems like the perfect one for your home? Let us know your favorite style, as well as what material is a must-have in your interior design!