Mark Wahlberg Is Using Taxpayers’ Money To Keep His Business Afloat

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Mark Wahlberg (48), who’s net worth is estimated at around $300 million, is using taxpayers’ cash to help sustain his Wahlburgers branch in London’s Covent Garden. The fast-food joint was opened last year as part of a joint venture with his brothers, Paul (56) and Donnie (50).

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The restaurant was forced to close its doors due to the pandemic, and now the Wahlberg brothers are using the furlough scheme to pay staff. In the furlough scheme, the government pays 80% of the staff’s wages.

The spokesperson for the restaurants has told “The Sun”: “The franchise group that owns Wahlburgers Covent Garden made the decision to use the Furlough scheme for their employees in hopes that the large team and Central London site can be retained without permanent closure.”

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A source added: “Mark’s decision to not personally bail out his staff has raised eyebrows, especially given how much he’s worth. A lot of the staff wondered if he’d help top up their wage packets but that hasn’t happened either”.