Tips to Manipulate Your Opponents When Playing Online Roulette – 2024 guide

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If you want to win roulette online, then it is essential for you to know how to manipulate your opponents in the game. The best players are able to make right predictions about the next moves of their rivals. When you want your rivals to make the move that you want, it is important to play with their mind. This makes you control the game well and leads you many steps ahead to win the game.

Sometimes beginners and even the experienced players do not understand how to play with the brain of their opponents. But worry not because we are here to help you out. In this article, we will be discussing some amazing tips that can help you manipulate your opponents. Apart from that, we will also share a few strategies that can assist you in winning roulette.

Tips to Manipulate Your Opponents in Roulette

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Basically, the thought behind manipulating or misleading your rivals is to make yourself look frail when you have a solid hand (to instigate bets from different players, making the pot as large as could be expected) and to make yourself look solid when you have feeble hands (to make your rivals overlay, permitting you to win the pot).

There are various ways in which you can mislead your opponents while playing and make them play according to what you want. Let us check out these ways one by one.

  • Cheat by creating multiple accounts:

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Before moving ahead, let us warn you that multi-accounting is illegal in most of the online casinos. It is considered a fraud to create multiple accounts. But if you really want to go out of the box, then you can opt for this method. The reason why it is known to be a fraud method is because the casino has to send a bonus to every new account that is created and it is a big waste of their bonuses.

To play the same tournament or at the same table, creating multiple accounts can be a great strategy to mislead other players in the online roulette. When you use a number of accounts, you have different varieties of cards with you, which automatically increases the chances of your winning.

However, you need to pay extra attention and be more careful while opting for this strategy. Do not use the same IP address for creating different accounts, because if you use the same one, the site can block you. Apart from this, if the players also found that something is fishy, then they can also report you. To more about this point in more detail, consider checking out Mr Green.

  • Bluffing:

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If you cannot think about how to manipulate other players, then go for bluffing. Bluffing involves creating confusion amongst your rivals. Make sure that they get confused and think that you are winning the game even if the actual game is not in your hands. But you cannot do this task randomly. Make sure that you have analyzed the situation beforehand and only then try to take any risk.

Once you have analyzed whatever is going on in the play, you can make your move and try bluffing others. When other players will start believing that you are winning the play, then they will get puzzled and you can easily beat them at that point. This is how bluffing works.

  • Misleading other players:

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Probably the most brilliant strategy to use in a poker table is to control the players and to mislead them. You should have a conspiring psyche to do as such. It is very simple to do in actual poker tables however not in internet based platforms or gaming sites. You can focus on the more fragile players who are new at the poker table. They don’t think a lot about plans and cheating.

Thus, you can persuade them to settle on the choice that you need. Subsequently, they will rely on you for their moves. So you will have a more noteworthy shot at dominating the match. You can condition them and increment your chances of winning.

  • Semi-bluffing:

Semi bluffing is a technique where you have no made hand, however you do get an opportunity to win the pot still. The frequent case for this is a straight draw or indirect access flush draw. The shot at hitting the card you need is low – so you attempt to bluff individuals off the pot, however in the event that they call you can win the hand altogether.

  • Slow playing:

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Another strategy that you can opt for winning is by making the other players think that you have a low or moderate value hand. This will make them overconfident thinking that they are close to winning. We all know that overconfidence is not a great trait to have and it leads your rivals to make more mistakes or wrong moves. And all you have to do is to take the advantages of their wrong moves.

Take your game up slowly and show your best hand only at the final shot. However, this method can both turn bad or good. It all depends upon how you use it. Many players try to use this trick but only few of them get success in it. And the unsuccessful ones will consider this as a bad strategy but it is not right. You just have to learn the right skills and then you will be able to implement this in a correct manner.


There are various methods in which you can manipulate or mislead your rivals in the online roulette. But remember that every method cannot work wonders for you. You need to practice them and improve your knowledge about them to get perfect in using those strategies.

Our list of tricks to manipulate other players include, bluffing, semi-bluffing, slow-playing, creating multiple accounts. Pick the technique that is best suitable according to your skills.