How to Make Your Android Phone Ring Louder – 2024 Guide

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More than half of the people who own a smartphone are Android users, and no matter what your preferred brand is, you probably know that even though these phones are amazing, they can sometimes underperform. We use our devices mostly for browsing social media and spending time on the internet, but even though we spend dozens of hours every week on this, we need our devices for one simple purpose – making a phone call.

No matter if you are using your provider to make the calls or if you are using social platforms, you cannot answer your device and take the call unless you hear it ringing. There are a lot of android users who have been complaining that there is something wrong with their phones and that they can never hear when they are getting a call.

If you have experienced the same issues, you’ve come to the right place. In this 2024 guide, we are going to tell you how to make your Android phone ring louder, and we will help you avoid any problems that come with you not hearing it.

Make sure the speaker is working properly

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Sometimes there is no problem with the Android software, and the only problem may be with the hardware. In this day and age, most of the devices are waterproof and we tend to take this by heart and we put our units anywhere and everywhere. Just because your phone will not get damaged if you submerge it under freshwater, it does not mean that there won’t be any issues when you spill coffee or soda on it.

With usage, the speaker may get damaged or it may just get clogged. You should start by checking if you are only experiencing problems with the ring sound, or if there is an issue with all media sounds. In case it is the latter, you should try to clean the speaker on your own, or you can skip this part and just take it to the service where the professionals will diagnose the problem and solve it.

Check the settings

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In case there is no issue with the speaker, then you should check your settings. More often than not, we use apps that take control over our media sounds, and they may even prevent any other sound from coming out. So, you should go and check your media sounds in your settings and see if there is something that you need to change.

Doing this is pretty simple and easy, and you will only need to open settings and check both sounds and vibrations as well as notifications. See what is the ringtone, if your sound mode is set to ring, check if your device is muted, and then open the volume settings. See if there can be something that is preventing your device from performing properly and if there is a reason why the volume is decreased.

You can also check the sound quality setting, and on some devices, you can also use the equalizer and check out the settings here. If it is in custom mode, you can choose a different one and see if that helps with the overall quality and volume.

Try using a better ringtone

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There are instances where there is nothing wrong with the device and the only problem is the ringtone. Unfortunately, that is something that we never think about, and we tend to believe that the new notification sound that we just downloaded is of the highest quality and that it is going to perform even better than expected.

On websites like, you can easily find a lot of great ringtones that are with impeccable sound quality, and you can see if that helps you fix the issue.

Note that this is one of the first things you should try so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to solve a device problem that does not actually exist.

Adjust the volume

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Sometimes the most obvious solution is the last thing we think about, so if you have checked your ringtones, and if your speaker is working properly, you need to see if the volume is set up correctly. We tend to look so much deep into the problem that we tend to forget the easy things that we can do.

More often than not, we hold our devices in a way that we are pressing the side buttons, and that can lead to the volume being drastically decreased. See if it is turned on to the maximum, and don’t forget that there are different media sounds that may affect this.

Restart the device and turn off any platforms that may be blocking the sound

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The last thing that you can try is to see if there are any apps that are preventing your device to send loud notifications. When we install something new, more often than not we tend to accept everything without paying attention to what the terms and conditions are, and we allow the platform to change settings on our devices.

If you have changed the settings, but if it is to no avail, you should try and remember when you first started experiencing this problem. If it is a new thing, an app may be causing issues in the background, so you should first restart your Android, see if the problem is fixed, and if not, uninstall any new things that may have caused the issue.

If you follow these tips, you are never again going to miss an important call and you will not have to worry if your device is somewhere deep in your bag or if you have forgotten it in the car. Know that you will prevent many problems and stress that come from not hearing it ring, and you will not go through the same things every time you miss a call or cannot hear the unit’s notifications. All of these things are practical, easy to test out and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on checking all the possibilities out. Start with the ones that won’t even cost you a dime, and work your way up.