How to Make Successful Bets on eSports – 2024 Guide


E-sports is one of the fastest growing industries, gaining popularity worldwide in recent years. The industry’s success has led many of the established bookmakers to pay attention to the opportunities it offers. In case you are not familiar with the topic, we suggest you keep up with the trends by reading the following lines.

What are esports?

Esports are some of the most practiced among young people around the world. In essence, they are a natural continuation of the hobby that excited almost everyone who grew up in the digital age. You probably already know that these are computer games. In the last two decades, they have become a mania for teenagers, young people and even many adults.

In fact, e-sports are tournaments in which professional players compete individually or as a team. The disciplines are the hottest headlines in the world of digital entertainment. The most popular among them are combat simulations, shooting games and strategies. Some of the well-known  titles are:

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  • Dota
  • Counter Strike
  • Star Craft
  • League of Legends
  • FIFA
  • World of Warcraft etc.

A little more about the industry

This high-tech industry is emerging in the United States, where the gaming subculture is moving to a higher level. The first large-scale e-discipline tournament was held in 2005. The next decade proved to be extremely successful for this industry.

Various federations are emerging that are establishing lasting sponsorships with leading brands in the world of gaming entertainment. The result was that more and more e-sports championships were organized. In just a few years, these trends left the United States and covered countries such as Japan, Brazil, China, Germany, Poland, France, etc.

Leading events

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Significant events in the field of e-sports are becoming more popular every year. However, so far there are several established championships in various disciplines, which enjoy great interest around the world. These are the tournaments in which individual players or teams compete in the most popular games we mentioned above – Star Craft, League of Legends, FIFA, Dota, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft.

Some of the more interesting championships are the World Championship Extreme Masters in Katowice, which pitted professional players against Counter Strike, The International Dota Tournament, the League of Legends World Championship, the Global Offensive Counter Strike Championships and more. One characteristic of this industry is the dynamics with which it develops. Every year new tournaments are organized in different countries, and the prize funds are constantly growing.

Basic tips before betting on eSports

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If we have already aroused your interest and you are determined to try your luck in this type of betting, you should back up your predictions with information. First of all, we advise you to carefully study the rules of the game that you have chosen as a field of expression. Of course, it would be best if you have your favorite title that you have played yourself. Then the assessment before the bet itself will be much easier.

However, if you are new to the gaming culture, you shouldn’t give up. The main thing in this industry is that it develops entirely in the online space and you can get all the important information you need for a successful bet from Internet. Review the rules, look for useful tips and strategies like those at Most gamers are happy to share their experiences and problems and this will guide you to the key factors.

Once you are aware of the specifics of the game itself, try to get to know the players and teams well. Stop at a specific tournament and research all participants in it. We assure you that if you speak at least basic English, you will be able to find detailed information about the biography, strengths and weaknesses of each player. This will help you make the right decision and generate a profit.

Available markets

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The betting options you will find in e-sports depend entirely on the type of game you choose. In most cases, they are closely related to the stages and specifics of the individual titles.

Some of the opportunities that are found in bookmakers are:

• Dota: First Map Winner, First Map – First Tower, Handicap, Macbeth, First Map – First Shield
• League of Legends: First Blood, First Map – First Dragon, Winner First Map, Asian Handicap – Under / Over
• Star Craft: Final Score, First Map Winner, Asian Handicap
• Counter Strike: First Map Total Rounds, First Blood, First Gun Round

You will notice that if you do not study well the rules of the game and the qualities of the players themselves, it will be difficult to make a correct prediction. However, the hard work will pay off, because e-sports markets often offer very good odds to play.

A few final words

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In conclusion, we want to assure you that e-sports are a wonderful and unusual way to have fun. If, for example, you are an established player in sports prediction, e-disciplines are a great new field in which to develop your skills. The best thing here is that all the information you need to substantiate your assumptions can be easily found on the Internet.

All you have to do is get acquainted with the principles of the games and follow the achievements of the players themselves. In case you are one of the people who have had or still have a favorite game, there is probably no need to convince you anymore. Electronic entertainment is no longer just a children’s hobby and has become one of the most dynamic and well-paid industries.