5 Ways you can Make Money Online During the Coronavirus Crisis

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Greetings to everyone, and we hope you are all doing well during this coronavirus crisis that seems to bother the human race quite more than anything else that we’ve experienced in the past decade. The current spread of the COVID-19 virus makes life less enjoyable for everyone, but we want to assure you that we’ll get over it together, and life will be fun once again in no time.

Today, we decided that it’s time to talk a bit about earning money from home because we feel like a lot of people are left without jobs due to the current situation. As we all know already, the internet is probably the most powerful innovation that we have, and it can be used for many great things, such as finding a job that can ensure a living.

For this article, we decided to choose the five best ways to make money online during the coronavirus crisis, so if you are currently without a job, or you are trying to use all this free time to earn some extra cash, feel free to stay with us until the end. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Learn photo-editing

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If you’ve ever wondered how those Instagram celebrities have such great photographs of themselves, well, it’s that they’re perfect on the outside, and their photo-editor plays a huge role in what you see as the final result as well.

That photo editor, however, earns a lot of money to do all the “magic” around the photo, and believe it or not, that’s a skill that you can learn as well.

Learning photo-editing has never been easier because once again, we have the magic of the internet here to help us, so just google a few tutorials, or watch a couple of YouTube videos and you’re already in a good way. Most freelancing websites require photo editors and they pay quite well, so we think that now is the right time to learn a new skill.

  1. Learn video-editing

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Now for those of you who want things to be more “lively” and think that photos are boring, you can learn video editing and make some very unique things in your software while also earning money out of it.

If you enjoy music, then you probably have a favorite song, and consider the time in which we live at the moment, that song probably has a music video. If you’re watching a lot of music videos, then you know about all the cool effects that can be done, so if they impress you, why aren’t you the one doing them?

Video editors are paid nicely on almost every freelancing website, such as Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer, so make sure to check those out and a couple of tutorials to get you starting on video editing. Don’t believe those who say that this cannot be learned on your own and that you have to learn it at college or some other place such as a course. With enough will, time and effort, you can become great at this in just a few months.

  1. Follow trends and be informed

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Nothing allows you to progress faster in life than by being informed, and you can always be informed by researching about the things you like on the internet. However, since there are so many sources out there, it’s not easy picking the one that’s trustworthy and helpful at the same time. Thankfully, we have a recommendation for you, so if you are willing to inform yourself on entrepreneurship, all social-media related things or you’re just looking for some motivation to get things done, feel free to visit socialyy

Nowadays, almost everything costs money, and if you are good at what you’re selling, you can earn a lot of them, real fast. However, you’ll need to stay on top of your game by being informed about all the changes that are happening regarding your profession, trends and everything else that you’re interested in.

  1. Make crafting great again

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If you don’t want to find yet another hobby that’s computer-related, whether it’s because you already have a few, or you’re just not that good with PC’s in general, maybe it’s time to learn something very old-school that’s still paid quite a lot if you do it right.

Crafting is an amazing hobby, or should we say skill, that allows you to transform all of your creativity into something that will make people satisfied to wear or look at, and will earn you money at the same time.

To craft jewelry for example, such as earrings or necklaces, you don’t need an entire workshop as many people think. All you need is to purchase the right items and materials and to learn how to do it by either watching tutorials or doing the good old trial-and-error learning method. You should have a lot of fun with this hobby.

  1. Online fitness coaching

Img source: truefitness.com

This only works for those who are in the world of fitness for a long time now, but if you happen to be one of those people, there isn’t a better time to earn money out of selling all your knowledge and skills that you’ve earned in the past couple of years.

Everybody wants to exercise these days because everybody has a lot of free time on their hands. However, all the gyms are closed, and people cannot do anything more than bodyweight exercises, which is something that not many know how to do.

If you are an experienced athlete or just someone who spent years into the world of fitness, you can teach others how to perform exercises, in return for some funds.

You can either create your online course, or you can just make YouTube videos and hope that they eventually get enough views to start earning you money. It’s totally up to you on which method you’re going to choose for this journey, but no matter what it is, we support you.

Fitness trainers seem to have a lot of work these days, even though all the gyms are closed, so it’s even better for you if you’re someone experienced with calisthenics and other types of body-weight fitness. Now is your time to shine.

As a bonus, you can also learn how to invest and make money in the crypto currency. This field is in the rise despite the current decline of the most famous crypto, Bitcoin. A good start is to check the sites such as bitql.org and start your journey with the crypto.