How to Make CBD and Cannabis Tea in 6 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

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It is said that marijuana is a magical plant and that people who use it are healthier and happier. There are a lot of different products that contain cannabis and the latest trend is drinking cannabidiol tea.

If you want to try it out, then you should learn how to prepare it. In this guide, we are going to walk you through the whole process and you will learn why you should drink it. Follow these easy steps and you will make the beverage in less than 30 minutes.

Why you should drink CBD tea?

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There are many benefits to drinking this beverage and if you want to achieve physical and mental wellness then you should give it a chance.

Studies report that by drinking it you will feel better, calmer and it can help with many conditions. People with anxiety and depression report that their mental health has improved after consuming it for a while. It can also help with indications like Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, and Bipolar disorder.

If you are looking to improve your skin condition, then you should start drinking cannabidiol tea daily. It is said to not only help with coping with the symptoms of dry skin and psoriasis, but it can also help you get healthier and smoother hair.

One of the main reasons why people decide to give this beverage a chance is to help with their sleeping. It is said that it can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. Many people who suffer from insomnia say that they prefer this drink instead of taking sleeping pills and other medications. It will calm your mind down; relax your body and you will improve your overall sleep schedule.

Another reason why you should try CBD tea is if you are experiencing any type of pain. Patients who suffer from any form of arthritis say that they don’t experience much pain after drinking it and it can also help with the migraine symptoms. People who experience the worst type of migraines report nausea and vomiting that come during the excruciating pain in the head. Cannabis can ease the headache and it will help you calm your stomach down.

If you experience pain when the weather is changing and if your joints hurt, then you should try CBD products. They can ease the pain and they will help you do your daily chores with ease. Even though this plant has helped millions of users, you should always be careful when you are using it combined with other medications. Make sure to talk to your doctor about your health care plan, and if it is safe for you to drink CBD tea. If you notice any side effects, you should lower the dosage or stop drinking it.


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Depending on your preferences, you can use many different ingredients to make cannabidiol tea. The main ingredient is cannabis and when it comes to other things you can add, the options are endless.

You should start by getting at least one gram of ground cannabis and you can find it in stores like As you probably already know, there are many different types of this plant and they have different properties. The two main types are Indica and Sativa. The first one will calm your body and mind down and it will slow your body functions. It is used if you want to fall asleep better or if you want to get a relaxed feeling. The latter is used if you want to gain energy and if you want to stay focused. It is recommended to be used during the day because if you use it before bed, you will have trouble falling asleep. If you are not sure which type you should get, you can talk to the seller and tell them what you want to achieve.

In case you don’t want to experience any hallucinogenic symptoms, then you should use CBD oil that is without THC. The THC is the ingredient that gives that high feeling, so if you just want the benefits of marijuana without feeling high, then you should use products that only contain CBD.

The next thing you are going to need is about one liter of boiling water and some coconut oil or coffee creamer. You can also use milk and/or sugar. If you want to prepare CBD tea, then you can use the cannabidiol oil instead of ground marijuana.

How to prepare it?

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Now let’s talk about what you need to do to prepare this healthy and delicious beverage.

  1. The first thing you need to do is boil the water. You can use any type of pot to do that, or you can use an appliance.
  2. If you already bought ground cannabis, then you just need to put it in the infuser. If not, then you need to grind it and put it in the device. If you are using a CBD bud, then the process is the same. Grind it and put it in the infuser.
  3. Now you need to put the infuser in the boiling water and turn down the heat. The water should not be boiling at this point.
  4. Let the infuser sit in the water for 15 to 20 minutes. You should not let it sit there for more than half an hour.
  5. Your beverage is all done! Now you can store it in the fridge or drink it right away!
  6. Add sugar, creamer or coconut oil if you want to get a better flavor.

If you want to store it in the fridge, you should know that it is better to reheat it before you drink it. The reason for this is the bioavailability of the THC ingredient will be boosted when the tea is hot.

You can store the beverage in the fridge for a long time, but if you want to get the best experience, then you should drink it within a week. If you don’t particularly like the taste of it, you can combine it with other plants or herbs to get a better taste. You can also add honey or maple syrup to the drink.

Before buying any marijuana buds, make sure that they are legal in your country. Most countries legalized cannabis that contains only CBD and, in some countries, and states, both CBD and THC are legal. Use this beverage once or twice per day and you will experience the health benefits in less than a month.