Madonna Shares Pics Of Her Gravity-Defying Body In Lingerie

Image source: Instagram

Madonna (61) is very proud of her age-defying physique. The legendary pop star shared a racy pic of her peachy bottom wearing sheer black lace panties. She also shared a photo of her bosoms in a close-up selfie. Singer captioned the photo: “Finally going to get my regenerative treatment for my missing cartilage!! I would be jumping up and down if i could after 8 months of being in pain”.

Image source: Instagram

Madonna has been plagued with health issues since the start of her tour for her latest album. The “Vogue” singer opened up about “irreversible damage to her body” on Facebook following the cancellation of her last US show in December.

Image source: Instagram

The songstress wrote: “They have made it very clear to me that if l’am to continue my tour— I must rest for as long as possible so that I don’t inflict further and Irreversible damage to my body”.



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