Experience Luxury and Convenience With a Chartered Flight

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No matter the purpose of your travel, charter flights provide many luxuries. Faster and more convenient than commercial flights, charter flights let you skip long airport lines, transfer times and layovers altogether.

Private jets can also provide an increased sense of safety. Make sure the company you select is open about its safety policies and procedures before booking one. Business jets are an excellent option for corporate trips, allowing executives to have productive meetings while in the air.

Personalized Service

If you’re seeking luxury and convenience, Charter Flight services provide personalized services with dedicated agents available at every stage. They will assist with everything from scheduling private jet rentals or charter flights for yourself and your family to making arrangements at your destination’s airport.

Chartering a private jet offers one major advantage – time. Arriving just minutes before your flight and being able to board without waiting in lengthy check-in lines will save time, and many air charter services offer personal drivers to transport passengers directly from terminal to aircraft and avoid further delays.

Another major advantage of chartering flights is having the entire aircraft to yourself, providing complete privacy during your travels, and making the most of every journey. Furthermore, you can set your flight schedule according to your individual needs, giving you more control than ever over when and where your flights take off/land – something which is particularly helpful if taking a vacation or meeting up with friends/family.


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Charter Flights offer an efficient and stylish means of reaching your destination quickly and comfortably. Private jets can take off and land from any airport, making arranging trips that fit seamlessly with your schedule simple. Many charter flights also come equipped with amenities so that passengers can relax during their journey.

No matter if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, charter flights offer more flexibility than commercial flights. You can arrange to fly round-trip, one-way or make quick stopovers along your journey. Be sure to inquire with the charter service about fuel costs as this could impact overall costs.

As the economy improves, more people are turning to private jet travel for travel purposes such as vacationing and leisurely getaways. Charter services have noted an upswing in individuals using jets for these purposes as well.

Business professionals are also increasingly turning to charter travel as a cost-cutting measure, which provides them with an opportunity to meet clients or give presentations in remote locations without incurring the extra expenses that come with commercial air travel. It may become more popular as the economy improves; charter services should expect increased revenues as these clients use this mode of transport in the future. One potential drawback of chartering may be cost considerations; however if only needing short trips over short distances are involved it might make financial sense renting jet instead.


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Experience Luxury and Convenience on a Chartered Flight A chartered flight is an excellent choice for any long distance trip, providing all the benefits of private jet travel without its high price tag and long waiting list at airport.

An amazing feature of charter flights is their adaptability – you can select any type of jet you desire for flight, location and budget parameters to meet your exact specifications.

Although chartered flights tend to cost more than commercial ones, their added comfort and convenience often makes up for any additional cost involved.

Charter flights provide an incredible opportunity to view some of the coolest aircraft around. These stunning pieces of aircraft often stand out in terms of technology, design, and luxurious interiors – an added perk of flying privately!

An experienced private jet rental and charter service should have an impressive fleet of private jets at their disposal to meet all of your travel needs. They may also provide other services that make traveling smooth.

At Travel Services Group we have a dedicated concierge who will guide you through the selection process for an aircraft to best meet your travel needs and answer any queries along the way.

Your experience with us will leave you speechless! From quality service and attentive staff to superior transportation options for large or small group trips, contact us now – we would be more than delighted to assist in planning your next big adventure!


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No matter if it’s for business or pleasure, charter flights can help make your experience more pleasant. By arriving at smaller terminals or fixed-base operators (FBOs), you can avoid the chaos and security screening associated with larger airports and the hassle of security screening procedures.

Chartered flights offer you more control than commercial flights over flight times, destinations, aircraft types and crew. Plus you decide who travels alongside you!

One of the primary draws of private jet travel is privacy – particularly on longer flights. You can relax, sleep or read comfortably without being bothered by strangers intruding on your space or sitting next to you.

As for the crew, rest assured that they have undergone intensive training and passed all required safety checks – meaning you’ll be able to hop off at your destination quickly and get on and off again just as easily!

Safety standards for chartered flights are on par with those governing commercial airplanes, with strict health and safety guidelines being in place. Many companies even implement their own safety management system to ensure everyone works towards achieving safety together.

One simple way to assess a charter operator’s safety is by asking for their safety certificate number and checking this through either FAA’s searchable database or by reaching out directly to regional FAA offices.

Check their pilot credentials as one way of ascertaining safety. Without an appropriate pilot certificate, they won’t be allowed to transport paying passengers.

Additionally, verifying their pilot certificate, certification status, and qualifications can ensure you’re not being taken advantage of by unscrupulous operators.

Noting the possible lack of compliance by some companies when operating charter services is also important; when considering chartering flights, make sure the provider offers a safety management system as well as having qualified pilots on board.

Novajet.com – private jet rental and charter flight services – is dedicated to providing the highest levels of safety for our passengers, no matter where their journey takes them. We adhere to the strictest safety regulations and strive to provide you with the most secure and comfortable flight experience possible.