How Often Should You Lubricate Door Locks?

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Our biggest fear is not being able to find the keys to our home, but there is one more thing that frightens us all – putting the key in the lock, and it getting stuck.

When this happens, and you should know that this is something that occurs far more often than you can imagine, you need to call the professionals and get the whole lock changed.

So, this begs the question, how can we prevent this from happening? The answer is by lubricating them, and we will tell you how often you should lubricate your door locks.

How to maintain them?

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Let’s first see how you should maintain your doors and locks so you don’t experience any issues. Know that if you don’t do these things, you risk not only the key getting stuck, but also not locking properly, or not being able to open your door, even if the key is tuning.

This is something that you have to consider, especially if you want to protect yourself from any accidents or hazards. We never plan on a fire happening in our home, but when that happens, we need to know that we will be able to safely exit the house along with our loved ones.

So, the first thing, besides lubrication is to have copies made only from the original key. If we copy the copy, chances are, with time we are going to change the whole look of it, and by constantly using those keys, we are going to damage the insides of the bolt. This is going to cause a huge problem in the long run, no matter how good you maintain everything else.

Next, you want to properly clean the bolt, and you should avoid getting any water in contact with it. If you wet this space, it is going to rust in time, no matter how high-quality it is. Most locks are made of metal, which means they are going to get damaged if they get in contact with water.

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This means that you should wipe the key from any moisture before putting it in, and if you choose to clean the bolt, then you should never use water. Never use harsh chemicals to clean the insides, and if you want to clean any dirt or debris, talk to a professional about specific products that can help you out with this.

Always check the deadbolt and see if you need to move it around to be able to lock or unlock your door. If this has to happen, there is something wrong with it, and you need to address this issue as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to check all the screws and see if they are properly fastened, and on the same note, do regular inspections of the strike plate. These things are subjective to wear and tear, and because of this, you need to do these checks at least once per year.

Know that you don’t have to clean or maintain your bolts every month, but try to do it at least once or twice per year so that you can prevent any mishaps from happening. The whole maintenance process will not take you more than 30 minutes and it can be the difference between you living a happy and healthy life or something bad happening at the worst possible moment.

How often should you do it?

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Now let’s see how often you should do it, and how to do this process properly. Remember that not always there is an issue with the lubrication, and as you can see on websites like, a locksmith Marana can help you determine the issue, and get it fixed as soon as possible.

When it comes to lubrication, experts suggest that you don’t have to do it more often than once or twice per year, and the process is pretty easy and simple. The first thing that you need to do is find the right product.

Know that if you suspect that there is anything stuck in the bolt, or that it is damaged, just lubricating it will not do any good, so you should first inspect it and see if there are any additional problems. The right locksmith can help you out with this, and they will let you know if you need to do any additional fixings or if you need to change the lock.

If there are no problems, and if you just want to do this to maintain your property and make sure that everything is working in the right order, then you need to get the lubricant. These products can easily be found in any specialized stores, or any places where they sell doors or home items.

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You can talk to the seller about helping you select the right item, or you can do your research online beforehand, and just get the needed item. In case you want to be extra safe, then you can talk to your locksmith and ask them to recommend the best lubricant for your lock and bolt.

The final step is the easiest one, and you just need to put the product on your key, put it in the lock and move it in and out several times. You can also lock and unlock the door several times as well, to make sure that the product is properly distributed. This process will not take longer than a minute, so you can easily do it biannually. Know that you have to use the original key for this, and you should not use the copies to make sure that everything is done in the proper manner.

As you can see, maintaining your doors and bolts is really easy and simple. You don’t have to invest too much and the lubricants are pretty budget-friendly and available everywhere. One lubricant will last you for a long time, so even that investment will definitely be worth it. Make sure you do this to all the doors in your household, no matter how often you lock them.

When it comes to the entrance and the main doors, then it is better to do it twice per year, since these doors are the ones that are used the most and have to be in perfect working condition all the time. Talk to your locksmith if you have any questions or concerns about the state of your bolts.