Liz Hurley Is Isolating With Seven Other Elderly People, Including Her 79-Year Old Mom

Image source: Instagram

Liz Hurley revealed she is currently in isolation in her country mansion with her son, who turned 18 earlier this week, along with seven other elderly people, including her 79-year old mom. they are enjoying her lavish residence in Herefordshire.

Image source: Instagram

The 50-year old model and actress posted: “As well as my son, I have seven other people living with me including my 79-year old mother and her sister- also in her late 70’s- and one of my best friends who is in the highest risk group with severe respiratory problems”.

Image source: Instagram

Hurley also remembered to thank healthcare workers: “We all are full of the highest admiration for our wonderful NHS staff and are doing everything we can to not add to their burden”.

Image source: Instagram

Liz has also come up with some fun means of entertainment for the group, like murder mystery at home.




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