How Live Casinos Are Proving To Be a Major Breakthrough for Online Gambling Industry

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Traditional casinos are having major issues with modern competitors who provide their services via the Internet. It’s not the first time we see a trend like this – professional sports are already struggling with electronic games, animations are taking over traditional movie production, and so on.

The global online gambling market is expected to reach nearly $100 billion by 2026, but it doesn’t mean that the business is unbreakable. On the contrary, many players want to take the best of both worlds and combine online casinos with the basic features of traditional gambling outlets.

This is how we get to live casinos.

What Is Live Casino?

Many people don’t understand the concept of the live casino because it sounds like the usual online gambling website. But there is a big difference here – live casinos have dealers who administer the game in real-time. This means that we are not talking about Casinoofthekings and other real-money outlets but also about online casinos with real dealers, too.

Dealers do their jobs in virtual studios surrounded by cameras and broadcasting equipment, while gamblers can place bets and interact through live chat. This means that the level of interactivity in live casinos is much higher than in the older versions of digital gambling platforms.

As you can see already, the difference between online and live casinos is substantial. The most important distinctions are these:

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  • Live casinos feel more natural due to the involvement of real people. There is enough room for real communication, chat, and even discussions with dealers. Everything is made in a way that seems realistic, even though we are talking about virtual casinos.
  • Live casinos are harder to set up because they require major production investments. That’s exactly why it’s much more common to establish an online casino business rather than live casino. Investors’ logic is clear – why invest big money if you can do pretty much the same thing relatively cheaply?
  • Online casino games are faster because machines leave no time for discussions or chat. In other words, most people prefer live casinos because the pace of the game is more natural and gives participants enough room to feel the gambling sensation to the fullest extent.
  • Online casinos rely on random number generators, while dealers roll the dice in live casinos. It doesn’t mean that live dealers make gambling any less random, but at least they help humanize the game as such.

Typical Games You Can Play in Live Casinos

The best thing about live casinos is that they offer pretty much the same games as traditional or online casinos. They do it in a very charming manner because seeing a dealer in action remotely adds a dose of retro excitement to modern gambling. The games you can play in live casinos are the usual suspects as you can opt for slot games or a number of table games such as:

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  • Live roulette: Is there anything better than spinning the wheel of fortune and seeing it stop on your number? Live roulette is one of the most popular live casino games because participants get to hear the sound of it while spinning and the ball bouncing over the table. Besides that, the stickman is almost always a very attractive lady.
  • Live poker: Live casinos would not be the same without poker. There are tons of options on every website or app, but Texas Hold’em remains the most popular of all. If you’re not really into Texas Hold’em, we suggest testing one of its alternatives.
  • Live blackjack: Another interesting live game is blackjack. Different casinos pose different rules, but the classical version of the game is very common. This type of live blackjack is based on seven cards and a crowd of highly engaged players.
  • Live baccarat: Baccarat gained the most from live casinos because it suddenly became more interesting than ever. You can play live baccarat in its standard live version but there are also baccarat squeeze and baccarat speed if you are really into trying something new.

Practical Benefits of Live Gambling

Most gamblers understand the pros of the online casinos, but do you know the practical benefits of live gambling? It turns out that live casino platforms have a number of features that make the gambling process a lot more entertaining and immersive. Here are some of them:

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  • It feels real: Live casinos are great simply because they give players that much-needed notion of reality. There is a real dealer in the house and he administers the game just like any other dealer in a traditional casino. Although we all love new technologies, nothing can replace the human touch. This is why there is an entire horde of live casino players all around the world and the number keeps growing steadily.
  • It is interactive: Unlike online casinos, live gambling platforms give you the chance to interact with dealers and other participants. There is no alienation here as you are free to ask questions and make comments whenever you want.
  • No random number generators: Live casino results are random, but at least they are not based on random number generators. They give people the feeling as if they can predict something based on sheer guts or intuition.
  • Continuous accessibility: Another thing users love is that live casinos operate around the clock.
  • Gaming transparency: Live casinos don’t hide anything. You get to see all results, while most of them also add comprehensive statistical reports on every round played.

The Bottom Line

Online gambling platforms have become a dominant force in the casino business, but they still require slight adjustments in order to become more popular. The adjustment comes in the form of live casinos with real-life dealers moderating virtual games.

It’s a wonderful addition to digital gambling platforms because their games now look more natural and realistic. Gamblers acknowledged it quickly and started playing live casinos more frequently, while only a small minority still prefers traditional casinos.

Which side are you on?